A Biologically Based Look at Your Throwing Action

A Biologically Based Look at Your Throwing ActionPro Pitching Institute is one of the top 100 baseball blogs on the Internet.

The Evolution of Lower Body Engagement

The only way to truly maximize your lower body rotation is by balancing on one foot and opening your front shoulder.

When you do this, your spinning action tells your body you may be in jeopardy of getting hurt.

To stabilize the situation, your body places your front foot back on the ground.

When your front foot hits the ground, it’s your connection with the ground that causes your hips, when compared to your shoulders, to over rotate.

Your body’s drive to get your shoulders parallel to your hips forces your under rotated shoulders to catch up with your hips.

Your shoulders catching up with your hips whips your throwing hand into release.

Creating a Lower Body Throwing Action

Lower body engagement begins with your hands separating at the same time your stride begins.

Your hand separation opens your front shoulder and sets off the cascading series of events described above.

As a consequence, you see your throwing arm whipping into release, your ball ending up where you expect and you challenging the best hitters to make solid contact with your pitches.

Measuring Your Lower Body Involvement

Your lower body is driving your results when …

Your Motion – Your hands separate at the same time you begin your stride.

Your Results – You expect each pitch to end up where you planned.

Your Opponent – Your Opponent’s tendency is to miss your mistakes.

Finding Solutions

Failure to experience any of these indicators means you need to pay more attention to your movements into your front leg lift.

Need help with your front leg lift? Let’s talk.

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