5 Confidence Builders

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5 Confidence Builders

Use these 5 confidence builders to remove the toxicity from your pitching and give yourself the confidence required to experience more success every time you take the mound.

  • Stop living in the past.

Learn from the past and always move forward.

  • Learn to control and manage your thoughts.

Stay focused on the movement patterns you know produce the best results.

  • Use trends to improve.

Instead of making arbitrary adjustments, use your performance trends to pinpoint areas needing improvement.

  • Adjust your footwork.

Anytime you want to improve, begin by changing your footwork, then use your results to measure your adjustments and work from there.

  • Never beat yourself up.

You’ll always experience ups and downs, but, overall, when a larger portion of your pitches end up closer to your target than in the past, you are getting better.

What’s in your future?

Follow these simple recommendations and, rather than trying to produce the results you think you need, have the confidence to be the best version of yourself and know, with the right focus, you have what it takes to succeed against the best hitters at the highest levels.

Want to have the confidence to expect every pitch to go where you want with the late stage movement you need to succeed? Let’s talk!

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