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Creating Excellence Through Balance

A Naturally Frustrating After-The-Throwing-Action Approach

95% of the Pitchers, young and old, who ask for my help come to me with an after-the-throwing-action focus.

Think about how, when you walk a balance beam, you lose control of your arms.

An after-the-throwing-action Pitcher tries to change their throwing arm path after their body has already taken control of their throwing arm.

These Pitchers waste their time trying to change their body’s hardwired response mechanism.

Coach Skip’s More Functional Before-The-Throwing-Action Approach

I’ve found the best approach to take is a before-the-throwing-action focus.

By teaching Pitchers how to end their front leg lift with their weight evenly distributed around their core, I eliminate the need for their body to use their throwing arm for balance and free their throwing hand to come through the same productive release window on every pitch.

Instead of a Pitcher battling the way their body needs to work, I teach Pitchers to use the way their body works to their advantage.

Coach Skip Brings Your Pitching Dreams into Focus

Compared to an after-the-throwing-action Pitcher, Coach Skip’s Pitchers use their fastball arm speed to deliver their pitches directly into their target with the late-stage ball movement and deceptive ball speed that’ll challenge the best hitters to make solid contact with any pitch they throw.

When you enroll in any Pro Pitching Institute program, you’re guaranteed to clear a path to your pitching dreams!