About Coach skip

Pro Pitching Institute

My name is Coach Skip Fast, and I realize the measurable difference between regular and the most elite Big-League Pitchers is the elite Pitcher’s ability to end their stride by using the opposing angles between their hips and shoulders to send a much larger percentage of their pitches directly into their intended target.

Armed with this information, I set out to turn myself an expert on hip and shoulder separation, and lower body engagement.

After years of research, field-testing, and valuable Pitcher feedback, what started as a nearly impossible goal has become child’s play.

Then, when I saw Dr. Tom House’s 2021 “I-70 Baseball Virtual Coaches Clinic” and, more importantly, instantly recognized some critical inconsistencies within his presentation (and could use scientific rules to prove my position), I realize how complete my pitching knowledge is.

Occam’s Razor – the simplest explanation is usually the right one.

The simple act of teaching Pitchers who ask for my help one position and two very straightforward movements, no matter a Pitcher’s age or skill level, gets them to automatically, repeatedly, and expect themselves to challenge the best Hitters to make solid contact with any pitch they throw.

Sound too good to be true? Please prove me wrong!!!