Why Do I Succeed Where Most Fail?

Through our research, we understand the ripple effects that occur when you move one part of your body, how your body parts interact with each other, and how to use our studies to turn your current throwing action into a repeatable throwing reaction.

As a sustainable reaction and with some practice, we teach you how to expect more and more of your pitches to travel directly into your intended target. No matter your age or skill level, we teach the Big-League pitch location that’ll challenge the best Hitters to make solid contact with any pitch you throw.

Our “Basic Pitch Location Success Plan© offers the foundation for turning your current throwing action into a repeatable reaction.

“Your Personal Pitch Location Success Plan© uses your pitching motion videos to show us how your body parts interact with one another, which connections promote, and which links disrupt your pitch location. By adjusting the actions getting in the way of your Big-League pitch location, we give you a personal formula for achieving your Big-League pitching dreams.

Enroll in a “Pitch Location Success Plan©, show us you use “Your Pitch Location Success Plan©” and you can expect your target area to shrink. In the unlikely event we don’t improve your pitch location, ask for your money back.