I’ve Reinvented Pitching Instruction

Pro Pitching InstituteMy name is Skip Fast. I live in Sicklerville, NJ and my 25-year obsession with pitching is reinventing pitching instruction.

My Passionate of Pitching Excellence

Over the last 25 years I’ve passionately pursued the reasons why Minor League Pitchers can post such great stats in the Minors then struggle so mightily against Big-League Hitters.

  • I found that Minor League Pitchers can get away with missing their intended target against untrained Professional Hitters, but not against Big League Professional Hitters.
  • When I chased command, I found that, when these Pitchers transitioned from ending their stride into releasing the ball, they experienced a slight change in their throwing arm path and, consequently, couldn’t know with any certainty where any pitch was going to end up.
  • As I worked to find a way to teach an uninterrupted throwing arm path, I discovered a way, without contradicting what prior Coaches have asked the Pitcher to do, to get a Pitcher to trust their throwing arm path to deliver their pitches directly into their intended target.

My journey’s result is my thoroughly field-tested “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©”. Any Pitcher applying the skills contained in this copyrighted publication is practically guaranteed be the first choice to fill all known next-level roster openings. Any Pitcher mastering these skills is guaranteed an exceptionally smooth transition from the Minors into the Majors.

What else might interest you about me.

  • I’m trained to use virtual instruction to the benefit of any age Pitcher anywhere in the World.
  • I specialize in getting Minor League Pitchers Big-League consideration.
  • I have a list of 30 Collegiate Coaches currently looking for quality Pitchers.
  • I teach command in a way that’ll maximize a Pitcher’s velocity.
  • My blog is acknowledged as “One of the Top 100 Pitching Blogs on the Internet”.
  • I’ve published over 150+ Baseball Articles.
  • I have over a half-million YouTube views.
  • I boost 20+ years without a Pitcher missing a game due to throwing arm distress.

Helping Pitchers surpass their wildest pitching dreams fuels my passion for doing what I do. Ask me to help you achieve your pitching dreams.