Why Do We Succeed Where Most Fail?

For over 25 years, Skip Fast, the Pro Pitching Institute owner, pitching coach, and copyrighted pitching authority, has dedicated himself to studying the biological reasons …

  • A mere 5% of all Pitchers show a fastball arm speed on every pitch,
  • Only 5% of all Pitchers hit their target more consistently than the other 95% and
  • At best, 5% of all Pitchers have the skills required to earn a spot on an MLB Starting Rotation.

Skip discovered that the top 5% of all Pitchers outperform the rest of the Pitchers because they found a way to treat lower body engagement as “something” that happens, not “something” they do.

Skip used this knowledge to pinpoint that, when you remove the outliers, these Pitcher’s hand separation/stride sequences accounted for their lower body involvement. He found that …

  • Pitchers who began their stride before they separated their hands were the Pitchers who were treating their lower body activity as an action.
  • Pitchers whose hand separation and stride happened at the same time were the Pitchers who turned their lower body involvement into an automatic knee-jerk reaction.

Here’s the best part … this realization helped Skip develop a series of pitching instruction programs that are guaranteed to turn, no matter their age or skill level, a Pitcher’s lower body engagement into “something” that happens, not “something” a Pitcher does.

Invest in Your Pitching Success

Skip’s ability to use a video or in-person pitching motion to turn your lower body engagement into a spontaneous, predetermined pitching outcome makes your enrollment an investment into your pitching future.

When you enroll, you’ll use your lower body to challenge the hitters you face to make solid contact with your pitches and, should you feel your lower body isn’t driving your results and we can’t use your pitching motion to get your hands to separate as you stride, we will refund your subscription.