About Coach skip

Pro Pitching Institute

My name is Coach Skip Fast, and I’ve spent the last 25 years figuring out …

  1. Why, out of millions of Pitchers worldwide, only a very few select Pitchers earn Million$ Big League contracts?
  2. How do these Million$ Pitchers deliver their pitches directly into their target while others don’t have a clue where their pitch will end up?
  3. Ultimately, how do I teach any age or skill level Pitcher to repeatedly and automatically generate the results you see Million$ Pitchers produce?

Over these 25 years, to answer these questions, I’ve consumed myself with 3 things.

  1. First, I used over 20,000 pitching sessions as a baseline.
  2. Next, I researched why the Pitchers taking part in these sessions only delivered  consecutive pitches into their target by changing their arm slot, taking something off the ball and finding a rhythm.
  3. Finally, I spent thousands of hours reverse-engineering their pitching motions and comparing my findings against Million$ Big League Deliveries.

My guaranteed million$ process

The result sparked a global phenomenon where Million$ pitching results are now the standard, not the exception. My Million$ Pitching Programs are …

  • Simple – My Million$ Pitching Programs are much less complicated, and much more focused than the misinformation spread by mainstream Coaches.
  • Measurable – You use your pitch location to measure my ability to send consecutive pitches directly into your target.
  • Specific – You know in your own words exactly how to move and the precise order you make each movement.
  • Repeatable – You miss your target by an unacceptable distance, and you know how to get your next pitch to travel directly into your intended target.
  • A Partnership – When my instruction produces Million$ pitching results, you thrive and, because you thrive, my Million$ Partnerships grow.
  • Convenient – Whether we partner through video chat or in-person, I can guarantee you’ll walk away knowing how to produce Million$ pitching results.

 Your Million$ Obstacle

During my research, if you asked me to describe a typical Pitching Coach, I’d say it is an ex-Professional Pitcher who failed to fulfill his Big-League dreams.

These ex-Pro Pitching Coaches are Pitchers, they’re not Coaches. They know how to produce high-level results, but few know how to teach someone else to be as good as they were and, when asked, none will take responsibility for your results.

If your Pitching Coach, like the 100’s of Minor Leaguers I’ve helped earn Big League consideration, had become a Million$ Partner, perhaps he’d still be competing today.

Your Million$ solution

In a nutshell, this is my Million$ Pitching Process.

  • The way your body moves drives the questions I ask,
  • Your answers to my questions determine the recommendations I make,
  • The way you interpret my recommendations creates a new set of movements, and
  • The process starts all over again.

You WILL come to realize the way you think about your movements makes your Million$ pitching results practically automatic.

Once you come to trust your Million$ Motion, your Million$ performances become an expectation, and, instead of your results being something you do, your Million$ results become something that merely happen.

From experience, my personalized Million$ Pitching Process will make you the first choice to fill any next-level roster spots.

If you’re truly driven to maximize your pitching potential, I urge you to become my Million$ Partner.