About Coach skip

Pro Pitching Institute

My name is Coach Skip Fast.

During the more than 25 years I’ve spent helping Pitchers, no matter an individual’s size, age, or skill level, I’ve always believed that elite fastball pitch location was teachable and, once armed with this information, I could help the Pitchers I work with outperform any Pitcher following the current pitching models.

My unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, enhanced performances, and a teachable fastball pitch location model triggered my “Fastball Pitch Location Code of Behavior©”.

Now, instead of Pitchers wasting their time trying to figure out for themselves how to locate their fastballs, they can use my “Fastball Pitch Location Code of Behavior©” to elevate their fastball pitch location well above their expectations.

In fact, the ease and speed in which my “Fastball Pitch Location Code of Behavior©” produces fastball pitch location has sparked a global phenomenon where my methods are becoming the standard, not the exception.

If you’re truly driven to maximize your pitching potential, I urge you to seriously consider tapping into my “Fastball Pitch Location Code of Behavior©”.