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Failure is not an option.

You can try and try and try and try, but nothing seems to work.

You can accept failure, or, to achieve your MLB dreams, you can find a way to turn your failures into success.

Sounds so simple, but what exactly is the formula for turning failure into success?

Let’s do some detective work.

Whatever is holding you back is something you can’t see but is always present.

Let’s save you some time … Gravity fits very nicely into this category. Gravity is all around us all the time. So much so that we tend to take it for granted.

Gravity leads you to something else you can’t see and may have yet to consider. Balance.

Your mind uses gravity to tell your body that it’s out of balance. The instant your body senses an imbalance, your mind manipulates your body position and, more importantly, while your body performs its balancing routine your movements take on a life of their own.

Therefore, to produce MLB ready results, you want your throwing action to become the balancing routine your body uses to get itself back into balance.

How do you do this?

You start with and stick with ONE pitching plan. Once you have a pitching plan, you discipline yourself to adjust to trends.

Every time you experience 3 or more unacceptable outcomes in a row, you know some movement within your pitching plan is forcing you to use your throwing arm as a part of your balancing routine.

As long as you stick with your ONE pitching plan, over 100’s of adjustments, you come up with a pitching plan that’ll use your throwing action as your one and only balancing routine. In the end, you can expect to deliver your pitches directly into your intended target, produce late stage ball movement and use your deceptive arm action to become an MLB inning eater.

Finding Solutions

Don’t have the time to go through this process? Need to produce MLB ready results right away? Let’s talk.

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