Baseball Pitching Predicament Becomes Your Dilemma

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As a Pitcher, you mistakenly grow up thinking velocity, not pitch location, is your ticket to your Big-League pitching dreams.

By the time you realize Big-League Hitters are better equipped to drive your mistakes than you’re equipped to hit your spots, it might be too late to change the course of your pitching career.

How does Baseball deal with this disparity?

Professional Organizations invite Lower-Level Pitchers with the best “feel” for their pitch location to fill their Big-League openings.

When these Lower-Level Pitchers test their skill against Big-League Hitters, the Pitcher can only “hope” to keep their pitches out of the Big-League Hitters hitting zone.

Unfortunately, a “feel” for the strike zone is something that’s very personal and, consequently, isn’t teachable.

Therefore, the Lower-Level Pitchers who get a chance to pitch in the Bigs rarely live their Big-League dreams for long.

We build pitching futures.

Our “Pitch Location Success Plans©  …

  • Shows you how to turn your “feel” for the strike zone into the expectation that your pitches will travel directly into your target
  • No matter your age or skill level, teaches you how to discourage Hitters from driving your pitches.
  • Gives you the opportunity to move up the Baseball Ladder smoothly and seamlessly.

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