Are You a Behavior or Results Driven Pitcher?

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“Behavior Driven Pitchers” Excel

“Behavior Driven Pitchers’” hand separations initiate their stride, their stride prompts their throwing action and their throwing action gets each pitch to travel directly into their intended target.

“Behavior Driven Pitchers” trust their body to help them succeed in a sport build around failure.

So much so that when a “Behavior Driven Pitcher” misses their target over the plate, they know their body puts so much late stage ball movement on the pitch that even professional Hitters will struggle to drive the ball.

“Results Driven Pitchers” Hope to Excel

As “Results Driven Pitchers” move down the mound, they use their throwing arm to keep their body in balance.

“Results Driven Pitchers” fail to realize or don’t want to accept the fact that once they begin to move down the mound, they’ve lost control of their throwing arm path.

Consequently, “Results Driven Pitchers” waste their valuable time trying to find a throwing arm path (they can’t control) to produce the results they want.

Much like a dog chasing his tail, if you’re a “Results Driven Pitcher”, until you change your focus from your results to your behaviors, your pitching career goes in circles.

Get Your Behaviors to Produce Your Results

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