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When you swat a fly, you roll up a newspaper and “wham” the fly is history. This is your right brain reacting to the circumstance.

Once you had the newspaper in hand, your left-brain self-talk didn’t include your arm angle, your weight shift, how far you were going to step. You just swatted the fly!

The Best Pitchers Trust Their Right-Brain

During your pitching motion, the more your left-brain actions end your front leg lift with your weight centered between your knees, the more your right-brain throwing response sends your pitches into your target.

Change your right-brain responses as if they were controllable left-brain actions and you won’t see as many pitches travel into your target as you want and, in the end, might not realize your full potential.

The Fix is Simple

The art of producing best-in-class pitching results always follows the same progression.

– First, you understand how your left and right brains interact.
– Next, your left-brain actions send your right brain the appropriate messages.
– Finally, you trust your right-brain will send your pitches into your target.

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