Coach Skip’s Facebook Messenger Program Overview

For any Pitcher enrolled in Coach Skip’s Facebook Messenger Program, Coach Skip takes responsibility for turning their pitching results into a very automatic, extremely spontaneous, and highly repeatable reaction to the body position Coach Skip puts them in as they end their stride.

What the Program Looks Like?

If you’re a Pitcher enrolled in Coach Skip’s Facebook Messenger Program, your instruction will mirror what in-person instruction should look like. The process goes something like this …

I see what’s going on …

  1. My recommendations begin with a Facebook Messenger pitching motion video upload. (The most helpful videos show your body moving from one side of the frame to the other.)
  2. I’ll use your video to point me to the one adjustment that’ll have the biggest, most immediate impact on your results.

I recommend an adjustment …

  1. I’ll present this one adjustment in an easy-to-execute format.

I spot check your adjustment …

  1. You upload a video to Messenger that’ll show me your best interpretation of the adjustment I presented.
  2. The best part of this program is the way we communicate. The way I see you move tells me how you think about my recommendation. Should I feel what I see won’t make as big an impact on your results as I know is possible, I’ll give you another way to get the desired results. (When an alternate adjustment is given, you upload another video to Messenger for me to spot check.)

You take your adjustment to the mound …

  1. You practice your new thought process on and off the field, send me another video, and we begin the process all over again.

What Makes My Instruction Different?

The way you move comes down to the way you think.

To raise your right arm your brain must send a message to your right arm.

To teach you the pitching results I know you have in you, the quicker you change your focus from worrying about how you move to think about moving the way I recommend, the sooner we can start legitimately building your pitching future.


On a scale of 1-10, you come to me throwing at a 5, when you rate my current instruction, I expect the rating to 6 or higher. Because I ask you to hold me accountable for your results, if this isn’t the case, we need to talk.


Should you have any questions about the program, please contact Coach Skip and ask away!