Is Your Pitching Career in a Death Spiral?

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Death Spirals

When army ants get separated from their main foraging group, they start following one another, the entire group begins walking in a circle, and, when they are completely exhausted, they die.

If you’re a Pitcher who starts their stride then separates their hands, you’re in the same death spiral as these army ants.

Pitching Death Spirals are All About Ineffective Sequencing

Any Pitcher who ends their front leg lift with their weight over their back foot won’t move toward their target until they stride.

If this describes you, the instant you stride your body will use your throwing arm to keep itself in balance.

When you use your throwing arm for balance, your pitching career is consumed with the impossible task of finding a way to generate the same arm slot in every outing on every pitch.

Stop Going in Circles

By ending your front leg lift with your weight balanced over your back foot, you can expect your pitches to travel directly into your intended target, you stop your death spiral and you take your pitching career in a much more productive direction.

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