Don’t Let Hitters Steal Your Big-League Pitching Dreams

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The Big-League Business Model wants you to succeed but doesn’t support your success.

Every Professional Pitcher and every Positional Player dream of having an Big-League career.

– A Pitcher’s Big-League pitching dreams ride on their ability to neutralize a constant flow of extremely talented Hitters.
– A Hitter’s Big-League dreams hinge on their ability to make the Pitcher constantly pay for their mistakes.

A high-end fastball can turn you into a Professional Pitcher, but to realize your Big-League pitching dreams, you need to navigate your way around a constant stream of Hitters wanting to achieve their Big-League dreams.

The only way to stop these skilled Hitters from stealing your Big-League pitching dreams is for you to deliver your pitches directly into a target that’s been placed in a hard to hit spot.

Reality Check

Because Big-League Organizations have lots of Pitchers in their Minor League system, they can fill their Big-League openings with Pitchers who they think are ready to challenge Big-League Hitters.

When a Pitcher gets their Big-League call-up, but can’t locate their pitches, a stream of top-notch Hitters will reach base and the Organization will have no choice but to send the Pitcher back down.

We bridge the gap between professional pitchers and Big-League inning eaters.

As just one example, after registering an 8.22 ERA over 7.2 innings during his first-ever Big-League call up, a first-round Big-League draft pick asked us to help him with his pitch location. We eliminated what was negatively impacting his location and, in his next call up, he started 22 Big-League games while posting a 5.08 ERA over 117 innings.

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