Stop “Feeling” for Your Target

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Fact: Your throwing action is a result of your body self-correcting your weight transfers.

Most Pitchers search for a “feel”

A Pitcher’s “feel” is the sensation they experience between their weight transfer out of their front leg lift and their throwing action.

If you’re like most Pitchers, when you experience the result you want, you associate your result with a “feel”.

However, unless you duplicate this “feel” from one outing to the next, you never really know where any one pitch is going to end up.

Find the right “feel” and your throwing arm sends your pitches directly into your intended target. Struggle to find the “feel” you want, and your throwing arm takes on a life of its own.

Elite Pitchers Don’t “Feel”, They Know.

Elite Pitchers come into their stride without having to shift their weight.

Instead, they generate a rotational force where they make their body end their stride with a glove side weight shift.

Elite Pitchers rely on their natural instincts to self-correct their glove side weight shift and automatically send their pitches directly into their target.

Their physical movement patterns remove the need to “feel” a productive arm slot and, as such, they can expect their pitches to go where they want and behave the way they expect.

Stop Searching and Start Doing

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