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After 25 years of watching Pitchers suffer with their command, I get your pitch to your target.

What follows is a bare minimum of what a Pitcher should do.

Past this, the Pitcher’s better-defined Front Leg Lift, “Glove Hand Strategy,” and Throwing Action round out the delivery.

Enjoy what follows and stay in touch.

Coach Skip Fast
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Your set-up

You set your delivery to produce your command.

Your Pitcher’s Starting Position

Step 1. Level Back Foot

Your Pitcher gets their Back Foot level.

– To level your Back Foot, use the loose dirt around the Rubber to fill in the hole(s) in front of the rubber.

Step 2. Feet

The closeness of your Feet is most important. There’s no need for the Pitcher to measure the distance between their Feet on every pitch.

– Your Feet are “one baseball width apart”.

Any farther and you get Head movement.




Step 3. Hands

When your Pitcher’s Glove Hand places your weight on the back of the center, your weight goes over your Pitcher’s Back Leg.

– Your glove hand palm is “to the Second Base side of your center line.”








Step 4. Legs

You know the Pitcher’s weight in the back when the Back Knee is over the little toes of your back foot.

– Your Pitcher’s Knees bend with the Front Knee ahead of the Back Knee.








Your Pitcher’s Front Leg Lift

Step 5. Front Leg Movement

Your front knee travels to or in front of your front shoulder.

– Make sure the Front Knee stays in front of the Front Hip.









Good luck!

Coach Skip Fast
Pro Pitching Institute

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