Hit the Pitching Jackpot


Pro Pitching Institute is one of the top 100 baseball blogs on the Internet.Your Pitching Career is One Big Bet

Every time you take the mound, you’re betting your pitching career that you can consistently deliver your fastballs directly into a low target.

As you move up the baseball ladder, Opponents become more patient and better trained, the larger your bets become and the more you stand to lose.

Locating Your Pitches Promotes Winning

To locate your pitches, out of your front leg lift, your hand separation triggers a throwing action that sends your fastballs directly into a low target with uncanny accuracy.

Sadly, if you’re like most Pitchers, your sequence out of your front leg lift is reversed. First you stride, then you separate your hands. Your late hand separation means your body uses your throwing arm to keep itself in balance, and, because you delay your throwing arm into release, can’t where any one pitch will end up.

Hedge your bets.

You trust your Coach to manage your throwing action, but if he can’t manage your sequencing as you come out of your front leg lift, you’ll forever be dealt a losing hand!

To discover how simple it is to hit the pitching jackpot (to change your sequencing out of your front leg lift), set up free 15-minute conversation with Coach Skip to talk about next steps.

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