lower Body, group pitching sessions!

a group session gets your Boy’s LOWER BODY to send the ball to their target!!!

Discover a Group Session featuring…

  • An initial balanced Footwork that’s guaranteed* to bring their Lower Body into play,
  • A Front Leg Lift to maintain their balance, and
  • An Arm Action to send the ball to their target with uncanny regularity.
When your Pitchers follow these skills in this order …
  • They never make adjustments.
  • They can find your target on every pitch.
  • They always remember their “Pitching Process”.
Your Boy’s Lower Body involvement follows this simple, specific “process” to get the ball to its target.
  • When they miss their target, they have a “Pitching Process” to follow.
  • They reinforce their missed skills and find their target.
  • They come to realize that their next “Pitching Process” IS their most important pitch!

Over time, the “Pitching Process” becomes natural, extremely automatic, and involuntary.

About Lower Body, Group Pitching Sessions

8-Year-Old and Older Pitchers …
  • Hour Sessions
    • Your sessions are guaranteed* to get your Lower Body to deliver the baseball!
  • Other Reminders …
    • Instruction occurs on your baseball field or at your indoor facility.
    • Cash or Venmo is accepted.
    • The Pitchers will be given reminders.
  • Want more information or to sign up?
    • Fill out this form…

… or contact Coach Skip.

Expect your ball to immediately go to your target with uncanny regularity!

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