Group Sessions are Guaranteed to Improve Your Team’s Pitching


Group Sessions are ideal for Team Coaches wanting to upgrade their Team’s Pitching. 

Skip will come to any baseball field in the Delaware Valley, and work for an hour with your Team’s Pitching Squad and Coaches.

During this hour, he uses the skills from his copyrighted “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©” to transition your Pitchers …

  • From needing their throwing arm for balance and not knowing where any one pitch will end up
  • To keep their throwing arm free to deliver their pitches where they want.

At the same time, he gives the Coaches the tools needed to reinforce the session’s lessons.

Skip’s Guarantee: He guarantees, when your Pitchers use the skills he teaches, Coaches will see them using less effort to produce better results or he’ll donate his fees to the Team.

Not enough Pitcher interest from your Team, ask the Head of your Baseball Association to schedule a Pop-Up Pitching Clinic

Skip works with Pitchers until they get it right, and continues working with them until they can’t get it wrong!

Group Session Details

Cost: $10/Pitcher/Session

Session Length: One hour.

Where: Your field.

When: At a mutually convenient time

Next Steps: Contact Skip to schedule your Team’s Pitching Session.

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