Coach Skip takes all the good Dr. House brings to the table in his “Pitching Mechanics & Fixes” instructional video, and, by adding this simple TRICK, turns his “hardest teach of the whole bunch” into a very automatic, entirely spontaneous, and extremely repeatable athletic event.

Elite Pitchers revolve around their core.

In everyday life, your movements occur around your core, but the instant your core becomes a part of your movements, your core tilts, and, just like walking a balance beam, your body goes into a state of organized chaos.

In pitching, the more your core tilts, the more your body goes into a state of organized chaos, and the less you can count on your pitches ending up where you want.

There’s a “TRICK” to moving around your core.

With both feet firmly planted on the ground, you naturally move around your core, but, when perched on one foot, unless you know how to “trick” your body into ending your leg lift with your core upright, your body will go into balance beam mode and your movements will become border-line chaotic.

This simple TRICK Guarantee Spectacular Pitching Results.

When you TRICK your body into ending your front leg lift with your core upright, you completely control your movements around your core and can use your throwing arm to make the pitching results you always dreamed you’d have much more automatic, extremely spontaneous, and very repeatable.

Once you apply this TRICK, you gain complete control over your body and everything (your mechanics, your results, your arm slot, your pitching future) just falls into place.

  • Your pitch location and late-stage ball movement become automatic,
  • You challenge the best Hitters to make solid contact with any pitch you throw.
  • You stop wasting your time searching and hoping you find the right mechanical combination that’ll generate the results you now produce.
  • You produce the results that, until now, you only dreamed were possible.

Driven to measure your mechanics? This TRICK gives you the control over your body that’ll automatically optimize your mechanics.

  • You end your stride with your hips and shoulder at opposing angles, 
  • You use your lower body to drive your results, and
  • You delay your shoulder rotation.

With this TRICK, instead of needing 1000’s of reps to hopefully fix your results, the control you have over your body is guaranteed to instantly and permanently improve your results.

Discover how to move around your core.

If, based upon what you’ve experienced, what you hear, or what you believe, you think …

  • Constantly changing your mechanics, and never realizing any sustainable improvement is the path to pitching dreams or 
  • It’s impossible to stand on one leg, trick your body into maintaining a vertical core and work your movement around your core  … 

You owe it to yourself to …

  • Enroll in one of Coach Skip’s programs, 
  • Experience the surprisingly straightforward way Coach Skip teaches this TRICK, and 
  • Watch your pitching dreams come into focus …

Or, in the unlikely event you feel Coach Skip isn’t improving your results …

  • Let him know and he’ll refund the cost of your session.

When you ask for Coach Skip’s help, you get nothing but the best, have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!