How to Expect Superior Pitching Results

Pro Pitching Institute is one of the top 100 baseball blogs on the Internet.You’re born with a biological balance mechanism whose sole purpose is to satisfy your deep-rooted need for balance.

Your biological balance mechanism turns “on” before you even realize you have an imbalance. Likewise, once your body senses it’s back in balance, your biological balance mechanism turns “off”.

Your biological balance mechanism produces the movements you see

Prior to making any action, your biological balance mechanism must be in the “off” position. This means that any action will cause your weight to shift.

Your weight shift activates your biological balance mechanism. Your imbalance instantly uses your leg, torso and arm movements to get back in balance. Once in balance, you begin this cycle all over again.

This means the only way to control your movements is to obsess over making the right action out of the right starting position.

Your biological balance mechanism determines your arm slot

Your biological balance mechanism uses your footwork to determine your body position at the top of your leg lift.

Your body position at the top of your leg lift tells your biological balance mechanism the throwing arm path to take into your ball release.

You can expect stellar results

When you have the right footwork, your drive for balance uses your throwing action to complete your delivery.

This means, when you properly manage your biological need for balance, your pitches end up where you want and behave the way you expect.

Want to use your biological balance mechanism to your advantage?

Through our “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©”, we use your biological balance mechanism patterns to teach you how to expect your pitches to travel directly into your intended target.

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