How to Experience Instant Pitch Improvement

Your biological drive to stay in balance controls your pitching results.Pro Pitching Institute is one of the top 100 baseball blogs on the Internet.

You want any change to your motion to do two things.

First, you want to feel like your release is less restricted. Second, you want to see a larger portion of your pitches travel into your intended target.

Balance predicts these outcomes

The more your biological need for balance keeps your throwing arm free to react to your lower body activity, the less restricted your motion feels and, better yet, the more you can expect your pitches to end up going where you want.

On the other hand, the more your biological need for balance uses your throwing arm to offset your stride, the more stressful it becomes to get your ball to end up where you want.

Leg lifts and balance

When your leg lift ends with your back knee to the second base side of your back foot, you can spin into your stride, use your throwing action to keep your body in balance and, on a regular basis, can expect your pitches to travel into your target.

Contrary to this, when your leg lift ends with your back knee over or in front of your back foot, you have to stride toward your target, you use your throwing arm path to offset your stride and you never know where any one pitch will end up.

How to guarantee sustainable improvement

Your “leg lifts and balance” indicate the right changes to your front leg lift is certain to improve your results.  Knowing this, the only way to change your front leg lift becomes adjusting your initial foot placements.

The best news is that simple changes to your foot placements are very measurable and incredibly repeatable and, with the right footwork, your improvement is guaranteed.

Failure is not an option

By using the cues your biological need to stay in balance shows us, we teach you a dynamic front leg lift position that sends your ball where you want and with the ball movement you expect.

Struggling with your results? Wasting time experimenting with your foot placements? Ask us for help!

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