Your Future is Written in How You Think About Your Lower Body

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You have two choices …

1. Treat your lower body as a separate action or

By treating your lower body engagement as a separate action, you tend to rely on your stride tempo to send your pitches into the strike zone. When your stride tempo drives your command, your stride tempo becomes something that can’t be guaranteed from one outing to the next.

2. You treat your lower body as a reaction .

By making subtle adjustments to your front leg lift position, without thinking about it, you  add your lower body to your current motion. By doing so, your throwing action becomes a physical reaction to your lower body activity, and, as a physical reaction, you can  expect your pitches to travel directly into your Catcher’s mitt. Better yet, you turn into the dominant Pitcher everyone wants on their Team.

If you want to turn your lower body engagement from something you do into something that happens, contact me.

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