Your Inner Ear Determines Your Pitching Results


Your inner ear doesn’t care about your results.  It only cares about your balance.

Your inner ear constantly monitors your balance, continually sends your brain balance updates, and, to make sure you stay in balance, lets your mind commandeer your body parts.

Your inner ear turns pitching into a very black and white activity.

One choice is your inner ear realizes your body is in balance. In this instance, your inner ear frees your throwing arm to automatically send your pitches directly into your target.

The other choice is that your inner ear senses an imbalance. In this case, your inner ear  uses your throwing arm to keep your body in balance and, because your inner ear took control of your arm path, you never know with any certainty where any one pitch will end up.

With a focus on how your movements impact your inner ear, you develop a sustainable roadmap to pitching success.

There IS no middle ground.

Your movements either maintain your balance or create an imbalance. There is no middle ground.

This tells you there’s one, and only one, movement pattern that’ll get your inner ear to deliver your pitches where you want.

Control Your Inner Ear.

When your pitches regularly miss your target by an unacceptable distance, your inner ear is using your throwing arm for balance.

Unlike any pitching program anywhere, by helping you manage the signals your movements send to your inner ear, we guarantee you’ll produce the results you need to fulfill your wildest pitching dreams.

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