Our ‘5-stress relievers©’ Have a Solid Foundation in Fact 

Your body is driven to balance your weight.

Every second of every day, when your weight shifts from center, your body automatically adjusts to every weight shift. A majority of these adjustments are so subtle that they go unnoticed, but, with extreme weight shifts, your arms seemingly take on a life of their own. 

You lose control of your arms when you walk a balance beam, walk on slick ice, steer a bike over a mountain trail, step on a pebble with your bare foot, take a bad step, walk a tightrope, etc., and, because strides create forward weight shifts,  you use your throwing arm to offset your stride every time you stride.

When you stride, you lose control of your throwing arm path and can’t know with any certainty where any one pitch will end up.

Not needing your throwing arm path for balance produces fastball command.

Fastball command comes from our ‘5-stress relievers©’ keeping your throwing arm free from having to offset your stride, but our ‘5-stress relievers©’ force you to use your throwing action to get your body back in balance. 

The combination of our ‘5-stress relievers©’ eliminating the need for you to use your throwing arm to offset your stride and your “self-corrections” cuts a tremendously complex pitching motion into very manageable pieces.

By keeping a Pitcher’s throwing arm from having to offset his stride, we allow ALL Pitchers, both young and old, to find their roadmap to fastball command.