Ordinary Deliveries, Ordinary Results

When your stride begins your movement down the mound, your hand separation follows..

  • Just like when you walk, when you stride, your body needs the arm opposite your stride leg to keep your balance.
  • Sadly, when pitching, the arm you use to balance your stride is always your throwing arm.

Ordinary comes from striding down the mound, using your throwing arm path for balance and, when this happens, not knowing with any certainty where any one pitch will end up.

Repeatable Deliveries, Elite Results

Your hand separation and stride occurring at the same time means you end your front leg lift with your weight evenly distributed on all sides of your body.

  • With your weight evenly balanced around your body, because you don’t need your arms for balance, your arms are free to move anyway you want.
  • You come out of your front leg lift with your glove arm opening your front shoulder.
  • Your front shoulder rotation causes your lower body to spin.
  • Your lower body spin alerts your body that it has a milli-second to stabilize itself.
  • The first thing your body does to balance itself is get your front foot back on the ground.
  • Your front foot hitting the ground stops your lower body rotation which signals your body that your shoulders need to catch up with your lower body.
  • Your shoulders catching up with your hips whips your throwing hand into release.

Ending your front leg lift with your weight evenly distributed around your body gets your pitches to go where you plan with the movement and deception known to challenge the best hitter to make solid contact with your pitches.

Next Time You Watch A Pitcher, Do a Little Observational Research

Next game you go to, focus on the Pitcher’s hand separation/stride sequence.

  • When you see the Pitcher come out of their front leg lift with their front foot moving toward their target then you see his hands separate, watch how infrequently his pitches travel directly into their Catcher’s target. Know their lack of command comes from a disconnect between their lower body and throwing arm.
  • If you’re lucky enough to find an elite Pitcher, watch how their hands separate at the same time they begin their stride, notice how a greater percent of their pitches travel directly into their Catcher’s target and know their results come from their lower body driving their throwing hand through the same spot on every pitch.


Use your enrollment to challenge us to help you get your lower body to drive you results. Should you feel your lower body isn’t driving your results and we can’t use your pitching motion, either on video or in-person, to get your hands to separate as you stride, we will refund your subscription.