The Way Your Body Works

Throughout your entire life, your body follows this simple pattern.

  1. Balance – Your body begins in a balanced position.
  2. Action – You make an action that takes you out of balance.
  3. Balance – Your subconscious gets your body back into balance.
  4. You begin the process all over again.

What you do …

  1. Balance – You end your front leg lift with your weight centered over your back foot.
    2. Action – You shift your weight down the mound.
    3. Balance – Your subconscious uses your throwing arm to keep your body balanced. Once your front foot hits the ground, your subconscious uses your legs to bring your body back to balance.
    4. You complete your delivery, but, because your subconscious used your throwing arm to keep your body in balance as you moved down the mound, your throwing hand begins your throwing action from various positions. The variety of throwing hand positions makes it impossible to know with any certainty where any one pitch will end up

What you want is what I teach …

    1. Balance – You end your front leg lift with your weight balanced over your back foot ankle.
    2. Action – You separate your hands.
    3. Balance – Your hand separation causes your subconscious to use your throwing action to get your body back to balance.
      Your subconscious reaction to your hand separation causes your pitches to travel directly into your intended target, and, with the proper target placements, your ability to dominate the Teams you face.
    4. You prepare for your next pitch.
If this makes sense to you, you need us to take your pitching in a more productive direction!