Is Stride Tempo Driving Your Pitch Location?


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Stride down the mound and your fastball pitch location will depend upon your stride tempo.

Once you locate your fastballs, you still have a problem.

Your fastball pitch location works with one stride tempo, but locating your off-speed pitches relies on a completely different stride tempo.

This means the only way to locate your off-speed pitches will be to slow your arm speed and risk tipping your pitches.

Truly Repeatable Fastball pitch Location

Your solution is to turn your fastball pitch location into a physical reaction.

End your front leg lift with your glove arm free to rotate your upper body, and you repeatedly end your stride with an open front shoulder, force your body to use your throwing action to get itself back to balance, and expect to send consecutive fastballs directly into your intended target.

Discover Repeatable Fastball pitch Location

If you want to stop your stride tempo from driving your fastball pitch location, set up a short phone call with Coach Skip.

Help him to understand how you think about your delivery and he’ll use tell you how you can do to turn your fastball pitch location into a physical reaction.

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