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With your Advanced Pitching Program, you have me at your disposal for 60-days.  I expect you to use and abuse me.

When you enroll in our Advanced Pitching Program, you can expect me to …

  • Teach you how to pitch with the precision and predictability you need to succeed at the highest levels.
  • Get you to turn your current Head position from a disadvantage into an advantage.
  • Put you in a position where you have the skills to surpass your wildest pitching dreams.

The way your Advanced Pitching Program works is …

  1. You make your pitching motion video. It can be a towel drill video or game speed video into a net, a wall or while having a catch. The only thing I ask is that, when I watch your video, your body moves from one side of the frame to the other.
  2. You use any readily available application to send me your pitching motion video.
  3. I watch your video and, within 24 hours, send you an extremely specific way to adjust your Head position that’ll make your next video better than the last.
  4. This is the most crucial step … Should anything I say not be crystal clear, you first stop is the Members Only Support Center. Still can’t find the answer your question, then contact me with your questions.
  5. You add your new skills into your motion.
  6. When you feel ready, we begin the process all over again.

As we go through this process, the more you challenge me to fulfil your expectations, the quicker you can expect to become the Pitcher you dreamed you’d be.

One last thing, my Advanced Pitching Program comes with a money-back guarantee. Should you not feel the Advanced Pitching Program is meeting your expectations, then let me know.  I’ll look at your video and, when I see the skills we’ve been talking about, I’ll give you your money back.

Honestly, if you’re truly driven be the Pitcher you always dreamed you’d be, then this program is for you.

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