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Coach Skip offers Pitchers the most pitcher-friendly, most effective, and least complicated path to their pitching dreams than any pitching instruction anywhere … guaranteed!

Complete Pro Pitcher’s Pitching Package

If you are already pitching professionally, the only way to punch your Big-League ticket is to show your Organization you understand how to challenge Big League Hitters.

The instant you realize your Club is doing little to eliminate the gap between what you see and what your Organization wants to see, you have a career-altering decision to make.

  • You accept your situation, and try to teach yourself how to locate your pitches or,
  • You decide to clear your path to attract lots of Big-League consideration and enroll in Coach Skip’s “Pro Pitcher’s Pitching Program “.

Want to jump to the head of the class and become the next Pitcher to attract thoughtful consideration for the Club’s next level openings? This program is for you!!!

More About Coach Skip’s “Pro Pitcher’s Pitching Program”.

This Program is Risk-Free.
No matter whether you meet with Coach Skip virtually, in-person, or through direct messages or email, by the end of your first session, you can expect to use less effort to send more pitches directly into your target or you won’t pay for Coach Skip’s time.

Coach Skip Accommodates Special Needs. Have an unusual situation? Coach Skip will customize your sessions to meet your personal situation, goals, and needs.


“Pro Pitcher’s Pitching Program” Visual Options

  • Video Driven Sessions: If you want your session recommendations to be video-driven, you upload your video to Coach Skip’s Facebook Messenger account (m.me/propitchinginstitute).
  • TV Driven Sessions: If you want a competitive outing to drive Coach Skip’s reactions and recommendations, email Coach Skip your outing’s date and scheduled inning(s) pitched.
  • YouTube Driven Sessions: If you want a YouTube video to drive your session, please send Coach Skip the video’s url.
  • Towel Drill Video Feeds: If you want a towel drill to drive Coach Skip’s recommendations, video your towel drill with your body moving from one side of the frame to the other, then send your video to Coach Skip.

“Pro Pitcher’s Pitching Program” Session Options

  • Direct Message: Coach Skip sends his reactions and recommendations via direct message, text, email.
  • Virtual Session: You meet with Coach Skip at a prearranged time via the application of your choice.
  • In-Person: You come to South Jersey for an in-person pitching session.

Virtual Options

  • Virtual Alternatives. Let Coach Skip know the app you’d like to use for your virtual pitching session.
  • Schedule Your Virtual Session. Once you enroll, click here to schedule your virtual session.  Within hours, Coach Skip will confirm the date and time.
  • Virtual Set-Up. When setting up for your Virtual session, please make sure to set up your digital device so Coach Skip can see your body move from one side of the frame to the other.
  • Virtual Session Warm-Up. Please time your warm-up to end when your Virtual session is scheduled to begin.

    $120 for the entire 2021 Big League Baseball Season
    Your Easy-Payment Program: Get Started for $15.00, then make 7 – $15.00 payments every 2 weeks.

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