A One Size Pitching Motion DOES Fit All

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The facts show …

  1. Any single movement creates a ripple effect throughout your entire body.
  2. The ONLY outside influence on your chain reactions is gravity.
  3. By eliminating gravity from your motion and carefully managing your movements, your actions produce predictable responses with uncanny precision.

Armed with this information, there’s nothing stopping you from repeatedly sending your pitches directly into your intended target.

Your Sustainable ONE SIZE FITS ALL Model

Every efficient ONE SIZE FITS ALL motion contains these elements.

  • You begin your motion with your weight balanced just to the home plate side of your back foot,
  • Your front leg lift keeps your weight to the home plate side of your back foot.
  • From there. your glove side will turn your upper body, your upper body will turn your hips, your hip action will force you to stride, even while you stride and through the end of your stride your back hip will continue to move forward, and, to get your body back in balance, your body will make a throwing action that’ll send your pitches directly into your target with uncanny precision.

Your ONE SIZE FITS ALL delivery guarantees your results become very automatic, extremely predictable, and surprisingly simple to execute.

Stop Searching and Start Doing

You can get your ONE SIZE FITS ALL motion at the Pro Pitching Institute.

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