Only One Approach Produces Pitching Success!

Only one approach produces pitching success.Pro Pitching Institute is one of the top 100 baseball blogs on the Internet.

Managing the way you think to move produces better, more sustainable, pitching results than trying to manage the way you see your body move.

The Most Elite Pitchers Use an Inside/Out Approach

When examined closely, 5% of all Pitchers use an Inside/Out process to achieve the elite pitching results you dream of having.

An Inside/Out Mental Process lets your foot placements (the outside) use your body’s inherent reaction patterns to drive your results (the inside).

  • Your foot placements drive your body position at the top of your front leg lift.
  • Your front leg lift body position determines your throwing arm path.
  • Your throwing arm path impacts where the pitch ends up.

With an Inside/Out approach, you stop trying and start producing the elite results you always dreamed you have.

The Rest of the Pitchers Use an Outside/In Approach

Until examined more closely, you represent the 95% of all Pitchers who  use an Outside/In Approach to try and manage your reactions (the outside) as if they were controllable actions (the inside).

Typically, an Outside/In Approach deals with the movements you see as you move from your front leg lift into your release.

  • When you experience an unacceptable result, you think to adjust your arm slot.
  • You use trial-and-error to figure out the arm angle that’ll improve your last pitch results.
  • Finally, you use muscle memory to reinforce your new arm slot.

With Outside/in Approach, you feel like you’re always wondering where your next pitch is going to end up.

Effective foot placements produce remarkably consistent results

Your foot placements supply the prompts guaranteed to produce 5%’er results. If you’re a Pitcher or a Pitching Dad who wants to know about their current foot placement, let’s talk.

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