Every hitter is vulnerable to a well-located pitch.

Location, not velocity, is the most essential element of any pitch. Add the deceptive fastball arm speed and later stage ball movement that comes with pitch location and your opponent is lucky to reach base.

You can keep doing what you’re doing and continue to let hitters get themselves out, but, with pitch location, you understand the science of shutting down the hitters you face.

As an added value, your well-located fastballs set up your off-speed pitches and, once you reach this point, your ability to dominate more hitters becomes even greater.

A good pitch traveling into your intended target becomes your bread and butter. You keep more hitters off the bases, attract well-desired attention, and move a step closer to your pitching dreams.

Coach Skip Fast

Coach Skip’s 2- Day Pitching Camp

Dates: Wednesday, July 21 and Thursday, July 22 (Rain Date: Friday, July 23)

Time: 1-3 PM Experienced Pitchers, 4-6 PM Younger Pitchers

Where: Sessions take place on the outdoor Astroturf platform located at 91 Fairmount Drive, Sicklerville, NJ

Cost: $50

Register today: (Space is limited to 6 Pitchers for each session – additional sessions will be added as needed).

About Coach Skip:
Coach Skip is the only Pitching Coach in the nation who guarantees to teach you, no matter your age or skill level, how to use pitch location to keep fewer hitters from reaching base, and, as a result, expect a best-in-class outing every time you take the mound.

The ease, speed, and effectiveness associated with Coach Skip’s teaching methods have sparked a global phenomenon where his pitching techniques are becoming the standard, not the exception.

“Pitch location isn’t something you’re born with, it’s something you master.”
~ Coach Skip Fast