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Why do Pitchers in your area need a Pro Pitching Institute Chapter?

Think about every Pitching Coach you’ve seen work. 

They’re “not teaching”; they’re “supervising” … and, by the way, charging a lot of money for overseeing a Pitcher’s bullpen session.  

 “Not teaching” is…

- Telling their Pitchers which reaction the Student needs to change,
- Not telling their Student the specific action that’s related to the reaction they want their Pitcher to change and
- Worst yet, since they failed to get the Pitcher to understand about their instinctive action/reaction patterns, they force their Pitcher into becoming their own Coach???

“Supervising” is …

- The Coach holding the Pitcher accountable for producing a reaction they never showed the Pitcher "how" to generate???

Here’s the sad part…

- When a Pitcher struggles, the Coaches blames the Pitcher for failing to do "what" the Coach never showed the Pitcher "how" to do?

But there is a good part (sort of) for Traditional Pitching Coaches …

- They get paid a lot of money for being responsible for nothing???

A Pro Pitching Institute Chapter fills the huge need for quality pitching instruction.

How the Pro Pitching Institute Coaching Model solves each of these issues?

For starters...

The Pro Pitching Institute Teaching Coach holds themselves personally accountable for teaching Chapter Coaches “how” to hold themselves responsible for “what” their Students do and “how” their Student’s perform.

A PPI Chapter Coach knows how to get their Pitchers to …

- Deliver the same ratio of pitches they threw for strikes before they started with the Pro Pitching Institute Coach into the number of pitches traveling directly into their Catcher’s mitt.
- Know how to immediately recover from an unacceptable outcome,
- No matter the grip or release, the Pitcher's Opponent sees a fastball arm speed and
- Understand their execution to the point where their ball constantly behaves exactly way they want.

Here’s the best part of the PPI Coaching Model...

- You don’t need any coaching experience.
- Your unbelievably thorough training is delivered through live-stream simulations.
- You gain access to untapped Market where you’re not competing with other Coaches for Pitchers.
- You give Pitchers a mechanism to follow-up on their instruction between sessions. 
- You have direct access and full support from “Skip” Fast.
-  An innovative pricing model offers exceptional instruction at a very affordable price.
- You can confidently offer a 30-day money back guarantee.
- No other PPI Coach will compete for Pitchers within your protected area.
- Not only do you earn revenue while in training, but you also become eligible for our income sharing program.
- Word of mouth marketing, dynamic referral programs and a proven business breeds exponential growth.

Sound like something that’ll interest you?
Use the contact form below to contact “Skip” Fast, Chief Learning Officer/Executive Director for the Pro Pitching Institute Coach’s Division.

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