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Become one of the most prominent Pitching Coaches in your area, start a local Pro Pitching Institute Chapter. 

Join the Pro Pitching Institute network of Accredited Pitching Coaches. 

Starting a Chapter is easy and potentially profitable. 

You don’t need any prior coaching experience. All you need is to … 

  • Have a passionate to help others and 
  • Demonstrate you can think on your feet. .

What separates a Pro Pitching Institute Coach apart from other Coaches? 

A Pro Pitching Institute Coach knows “how to” ... 

  • Instead of accepting a poor motion that produces good results, you know what to address to make good last pitch results more sustainable. 
  • Know "how to" get less-sustainble deliveries to meet a Pitcher's wildest pitching dreams.
  • Instantly measure sustainability without stats. 
  • Combine velocity and command into one easily-executed delivery. 
  • Find reasons for improvements and not accept excuses prone to stall careers. 

As a Pro Pitching Institute Coach ...

  • Your unbelievably thorough training is delivered through live-stream simulations. 
  • You gain access to yet-untapped Markets where there’s literally no Coaching competition. 
  • Between sessions, you eliminate any reason for any Pitcher to develop disruptive habits. 
  • You have direct access and full support from “Skip” Fast. 
  • An innovative pricing model offers exceptional instruction at a very affordable price. 
  • You can confidently offer a hassle-free money back guarantee. 
  • Once selected, no PPI Coach will compete for Pitchers within your protected area. 
  • Chapter managers become eligible for our income sharing program.
  • Word of mouth marketing, dynamic referral programs and a proven business breeds exponential growth. 

Let's talk money ...

  • You earn while you train.
  • The revenue you generate is yours.
  • With our technical support, your work-ethic determines your income.

You won't compete with our live-streamed instruction. 

With our "Non-Compete Plan", we make sure our Corporate live-streaming component won’t compete against you. Should there be cross-over, our liberal revenue-sharing program kicks in. 

Once you’re invited to begin a local Chapter, you receive … 

  • A listing on the Pro Pitching Institute as an accredited Coach.
  • A private Pro Pitching Institute e-mail mailbox.
  • Complete Training and support including, in tricky situations, live-streamed look-ins.
  • A portal giving you direct and immediate access to your pitching base.
  • Marketing tips.
  • A protected area.
  • Dynamic referral programs.
  • The possibility of exponential growth.

What does all this cost?

$50 recurring monthly Coach’s Membership fee per protected area.

Sound like something you'd be interested in? 

Use the contact form below, phone or text to make your connection with “Skip” Fast, Pro Pitching Institute Chief Learning Officer and Executive Director. 

Start your own Pro Pitching Institute Chapter!

To make a connection, contact me through this form, a phone call or via text. 

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