Pitching Balance Guarantees Sustainability

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What is your sequencing?

Next time you look at your motion, focus on your front leg/hand separation sequencing.

When, after you begin your stride, your hands separate, you know your biological need for balance is using your throwing arm path to offset your stride.

When your natural need for balance takes over your throwing arm path, you cannot possibly know with any certainty where any one pitch ends up.

As a result of your stride coming before your hand separation, whether you realize it or not, every pitching session is spent TRYING to figure out a way to control your biological drive for balance.

The solution is not as simple as you think.

Contrary to widely held beliefs, no one has the will power to simply demand your hand separation to come before your stride.

However, you do have the power to better manage your biological need for balance.

Right now, it is your biological need for balance that ends your front leg lift with your weight over your back foot.

With your weight over your back foot, you have one choice … stride and use your arms for balance.

Therefore, you change your stride/separation sequence by making your weight distribution into your front leg lift more efficient.

Do this and, instead of striding out of your front leg lift, you come out of your front leg lift with your hand separation triggering your stride.

What is in your future?

If you can’t find a way to get your initial legwork to change your hand separation/stride sequence, ask me for help.

My “Winning Pitch Location Master Strategies©” will teach you how to use your hand separation to produce the pitch location required to compete at the highest levels.

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