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The Pro Pitching Institute is changing a coaching climate that's long overdue for an overhaul.

We're the Next Generation in Leading-Edge Pitching Programs 

With our programs, you control how quickly you want to turn gravity from a disadvantage into your advantage .

Annual Command Protection with 24/7 Support
Gravity is only thing stopping each pitch from doing what you expect. For $90 and for the next 12-months, you use Facebook Messenger tools to hold us accountable to resolve your gravity-driven command struggles.  
Contact “Skip” to get started.

Make Us Your Exclusive Pitching Coach with 24/7 Support 
Looking for a Pitching Coach? This program is for you. For $75, for the next 4 months, we become your Pitching Coach. We use Facebook Messenger’s video chat, voice call, and text tools to coach you to pitching excellence.
Contact “Skip” to get started.

In-Person Instruction with 24/7 support
By choosing this option, for a $10 a month, you become eligible $10 outdoor ($20 indoor) semi-private pitching instruction in the Pitman, NJ area. You receive our effective digital instruction in a face-to-face setting.
Contact “Skip” to get started.

Group Instruction on Your Field with 24/7 support
For $30 a session, this option gives you 3 one-hour sessions for any and all Team Pitchers. This program shows Pitchers how to achieve their pitching dreams and promises to keep your Team close enough to win every game.
Contact “Skip” to get started.

When other Coaches don't know how to improve an already excellent delivery, elite Pitchers come to the Pro Pitching Institute!!!

Over the winter, the Pro Pitching Institute delivered a personalized pitching plan to Tyler Beede (San Francisco Giants AAA affiliate) .  This is the result …

April 6, 2019.
"After being moved to the bullpen in 2018, Beede revamped his pitch arsenal and it paid dividends on Friday night as the former Vanderbilt star struck out eight batters in four scoreless innings. It was the most strikeouts recorded by Beede since a June 7 outing back in 2017 at Raley Field against the Fresno Grizzlies."

Enroll in an Institute Program. You too can receive a personally tailored pitching plan and all the support you need to make your plan work for you!!!

The Pro Pitching Institute teaches you how to use gravity to challenge every hitter on every pitch.

Enroll today!

Pro Pitching Institute

Our “Performance Protection Plan” sets us apart from every other pitching program. 

Within the first month, should you feel we're not capable of producing the incremental improvement you expect, you drop Skip an email, tell him where we failed you and, within 24 hours, he’ll refund your enrollment! 

With us, you measure our program by our ability to show you how to use gravity to deliver every pitch into your Catcher’s target without his glove moving. 

You can't afford not to enroll in the Institute and we can't afford not to make you successful!!!

Enroll now!

We combine insanely simple formats with exceptional results.

Every enrollment, gets you …? 

  • 24/7 access to a Pro Pitching Institute Coach who holds himself accountable for your results, 
  • A “Performance Protection Plan”.
  • The peace of mind that you can cancel your enrollment at any time. 

What makes the Pro Pitching Institute the Next Generation in Pitching Instruction?

  • You instantly see your worst pitches finishing closer to your target than ever.
  • Next, you’ll realize your worst misses finish within your receiver’s body. 
  • Finally, you come to expect every pitch to travel directly into your target and your results to attract the attention of baseball people capable of furthering your baseball career.
  • Better yet, after an unacceptable result, you can expect your next pitch to finish where you want.

Don't let gravity use your throwing arm for balance. Instead, have gravity use your throwing arm to get back in balance. The choice is yours!!! 

Enroll today!

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