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With our $10 subscription/$10 pitching session performance model, you can't afford not to enroll!

We're what a quality pitching program needs to look like.

Our program showcases every industry best-practice and addresses every reason your current instruction fails to live up to your expectations!

 We package all the critical features you need to succeed into one neat package …

  • We’re a low cost, yet high impact, full-service pitching solution -  For $10 a month, you’re entitled to unlimited $10 FaceTime/Skype/In-Person pitching sessions and a multichannel application that keeps us in constant touch with each other. When you use this application to text me, e-mail me, send videos or even call me, we typically get back to you in less than 10 minutes.
  • We hold ourselves totally accountable for your results - If, within your first 6 months in the program, we fail to produce the incremental improvement you expect, just drop Skip an email, tell him where we failed you and, within 24 hours, he’ll place your monthly subscription costs plus whatever you spent for your last 4 pitching sessions (a total not to exceed $100) into your account.
  • We’re Convenient and Very Accessible - FaceTime/Skype technology brings us to you. Seeing how you move over a FaceTime or Skype feed will show us the same movements we’d see if we were standing right next to you.

If you live in the Delaware Valley, you have other options. 
- Roving In-Person and Group Instruction takes place throughout the Delaware Valley 
We'll meet at a mutually convenient field near you. 
- Indoor Instruction Option 
During the Winter and in inclement weather, we'll meet at Pro Pitching Institute@The Total Turf Experience, 614 Lambs Rd, Pitman, NJ 08071

  • We build a foundation during your first session – During your very first session, we teach you how to turn your pitching motion into a lower body reaction. You instantly shrink your target area and discover how much easier it is to keep your Team close enough to win every game you pitch.
  • You’re always getting better – After your first session, we begin bridging the gaps between your good and best outings. Within weeks, your incremental improvements mean there will be an imperceptible difference between your worst and best outings.
  • An established process guarantees success - Your instruction follows a systematic process. We use the application that comes with your enrollment to document the “to do’s” from each pitching session. To insure the steep learning curve, we use your last session’s “to do’s” to make sure we pick up where we left off the last time.
  • Homework make your skills natural and automatic - At the end of your session, we show you a low-impact exercise that’ll reinforce your “to do’s”. We recommend you set aside 3 minutes to perform a minimum of 25 reps a day. Anything over that makes your movements more natural, more automatic, more quickly.

Enroll today to discover why Pitchers from around the World ask for our help.

The Internet takes us to you ... Call “Skip” at 856-281-2596 for a free pitching consult!

Our high-impact/low-cost program turns you into an elite pitcher!

Whether it’s with us or with someone else, to become elite, you need an established plan, and someone (besides you) to hold accountable for your plan's execution.

  • Our program is an executable plan that’ll readily teach you what you need to do to produce elite results.
  • With our program, we hold ourselves accountable for your ability to pitch above the elite “2-Pitch Performance Threshold”.
  • Should you feel we can’t do what we claim, you execute your rights under our “Performance Protection Plan”.

Until you experience our pitching program, you can’t possibly know how easy it is to experience pitching success.

The Internet takes us to you ... Call “Skip” at 856-281-2596 for a free pitching consult!

Pitcher and Batter

You can't fake your skills!

Even people without any baseball knowledge can count when you deliver more than 2 pitches in a row into your Catcher’s mitt without his glove moving.

Your “2-Pitch Performance Threshold” tells everyone whether your lower body drives you results and accurately predicts the chance a talent evaluator is likely to take an interest in asking you to pitch for his Team.

Ask us to turn you into the real deal … a pitcher who uses his lower body to keep every hitter off balance on every pitch they throw.

Don’t miss out on valuable next-level opportunities … ask us for help today!

The Internet takes us to you ... Call “Skip” at 856-281-2596 for a free pitching consult!

Can you teach yourself?

If you know how to put your body in a position to make the ONE action that’ll turn your delivery into an involuntary reflex, yes!

However, should you not know how to do this, by the time you figure out how to put your body into this essential position, your competitive pitching career might be over?

Before you attempt self-coaching, think about this.

  • If being an elite Pitcher were that easy, you wouldn’t have a need to read this page.
  • If everything you hear worked, you’d already be pitching above the "2-Pitch Performance Threshold" and wouldn’t need any help.
  • If compensated Pitching Coaches knew how to teach their Pitchers to pitch above the "2-Pitch Performance Threshold", professional Teams wouldn’t be searching for Pitchers who, at the bare minimum can execute their Team’s pitching strategies.

Are you ready to hold yourself responsiblefor your pitching future?

There’s only one program willing to hold themselves responsible to teaching you above the “2-Pitching Performance Threshold” results AND IT'S US … ask us for help!

The Internet takes us to you ... Call “Skip” at 856-281-2596 for a free pitching consult!