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We don’t tinkers with motion, we fix results!

Get our help and save $720 over the next year. 

In one year, you’ll spend $840 for 12 pitching sessions (an average of 2 ½-hour sessions a month for the entire year) with a Pitching Coach who charges $35 per half hour session for you to coach yourself???

With the Pro Pitching Institute, for a mere $10 a month, not only will you save $720, but you check off every entry on your pitching instruction wish list. 

  • Our Mission – The Pro Pitching Institute coaching professional assigned to you holds himself personally accountable for you knowing “how to” challenge every hitter to make solid contact on every pitch. 
  • Extremely Convenient – From wherever you decide to take your instruction, the Pro Pitching Institute real-time, digital format puts high-level pitching instruction at your fingertips.
  • Physiologically Correct – The Pro Pitching Institute teaches to the way your Professional Pitching Coach sees your body react to itself.
  • Money-Back Guarantee - Our “Performance Protection Plan” holds the Pro Pitching Institute Coach accountable for YOUR results. Should you feel the Pro Pitching Institute fails to produce the incremental improvement you expect, just drop Skip an email, tell him where we failed you and, within 24 hours, he’ll refund $10 a month for every month you’ve been in the program!
  • Low Cost – Enrollment into the Pro Pitching Institute is $10 a month with every enrollment making you eligible to receive $10 Facetime/Skype pitching sessions.
  • Superior Tools – As part of your enrollment, the Pro Pitching Institute supplies you with a free 24/7 collaborative text, video, phone and e-mail follow-up tool.
  • Detailed Documentation – At the end of each pitching session, Students document within their personal follow-up portal how they thought to move their body do the skills presented. 
  • Built-in Continuity – Pro Pitching Institute Coaches use their Students latest documentation to revisit, reinforce and refine the way their Students think about their current skills.
  • Attract Attention - The Pro Pitching Institute turns you into the very rare breed of Pitcher who actually executes their Team’s pitching strategies.
  • Very Confidential – Students decide who knows they’ve gone outside their current Coaching Staff to find pitching instruction that’ll fill the gap between their best and worst outings.
  • Constantly Teaching – Every enrollment comes with weekly insights into your pitching motion.

The Pro Pitching Institute takes responsibility for teaching you “how to” control your opponent!

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Pro Pitching Institute

Our "how to" focus improves your results in 10-minutes.

Whether you’re an 8-year old pitcher, professional pitcher, a pitching Dad looking for answers or anywhere in-between you can go it alone or ask us to fast-track your improvement. 

Ten minutes is all it takes for the Pro Pitching Institute to ...

  • Teach you “how to” do “what” you need to do to complete your stride with a vertical core.
  • Show you “how to” use your legs to rotate around the vertical axis your core presents.

Let your rotation maximize your throwing arm speed, create remarkably late ball movement and expect every pitch to end up where you want.

The simple pitching foundation you receive from the Pro Pitching Institute takes you to the highest levels!!!

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We feature productive, real-time digital instruction across the miles.

Why the Pro Pitching Institute, real-time digital instruction works?

There’s absolutely no difference between how we see you move through our digital device and what a Coach sees when they stand right next to you.

We don’t need to see your results!

Your movements produce your results.
Ending your stride with a vertical core and using your legs to drive your throwing arm through a consistently tiny release window produce your sustainably excellent pitching results.

Real-time, digital motions make improvement inevitable.

Every real-time pitching motion image clearly shows whether you end your stride with a vertical axis and whether your body rotates around this axis.

We use “what” we see to take away any excuse for your not to land your foot plant with a vertical core, rotate around your core and produce the remarkable results we know you should be generating.

It’s effective, economical and ego-proof.

The Pro Pitching Institute program puts high-level pitching instruction at your fingertips without having to travel and, because it’s done away from your field and coach, without slighting your current Coach.

Enroll to discover why Pitchers around the World find us the driving force behind their pitching success.


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