Trust turns your pitching success into a black-and-white decision

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A well-planned process will supercharge your pitching.

As in any black-and-white decision, you use logic, weigh the evidence, and examine alternatives to choose a path you trust will produce the best results more often than the other choice.

That said, your pitching decision boils down to two choices.

  1. Trust a source to tell you which mechanics will produce the best results more often.
    – The mechanics this source recommends represent well-intended ways to hopefully get your body to repeatedly produce the results you want to see.
    – You add/change a mechanic, see the results your new mechanic produces, then move onto your next adjustment.
    – Trust a source and your success, though always in sight, will always remain slightly out of reach.


  1. Trust your body to repeatedly use your lower body to produce the pitching results you expect.
    – You get your body into a very specific starting position, and you can trust your lower body to repeatedly and reliably send your pitches directly into your intended target with the deceptive arm speed and late-stage ball movement that’ll keep your Opponent from reaching base.
    – When you trust your body, your pitch results serve as the biofeedback you need to instantly and accurately evaluate, maintain, and refine your delivery.
    – Trust your body and your success become a sustainable expectation.

You Have a Decision to Make

You can keep searching for a source to tell you the right combination of mechanics that’ll repeatedly produce the results you expect or you can trust your body to continually produce these results for you.

If “keep searching” is your decision, merely continue doing what you’re doing and accept the results you produce.

If “trusting your body” to do the heavy lifting is your decision, you need Coach Skip to teach you a magical position that’ll force your lower body to automatically produce the results you need to keep more opponents from reaching base.

Coach Skip Removes the Doubt and the Risk

Let’s get real … Based on what you know, it’s impossible to believe you can produce exceptional pitching results by simply getting into a predetermined position then trusting your body to produce the results you expect.

Coach Skip combats your doubt with a money-back guarantee.

In the unlikely event Coach Skip can’t give you a simpler way to permanently improve your pitching results, simply ask him to refund the cost of your instruction.

Asking Coach Skip for help is your no-brainer, black-and-white decision.

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