45/60 Experienced Pitcher (ages 9-12) Pitching Program

Experience Friendly, Effective, and Straightforward Instruction!

Coach Skip offers Pitchers the most pitcher-friendly, most effective, and least complicated path to their pitching dreams than any pitching instruction anywhere … guaranteed!

Coach Skip’s “45/60 Experienced Pitcher Pitching Program” teaches Pitchers with some pitching experience and wanting to pitch at higher levels how to prepare them for all the challenges that are ahead.

Experienced 45/60 Pitchers who enroll in this program hold Coach Skip responsible for systematically and methodically improving their pitching results.

If you’re a younger Pitcher who has a season under his belt and is looking for a pitching foundation that’ll make your mound appearances more competitive, enroll in Coach Skip’s “45/60 Experienced Pitcher (ages 9-12)” Pitching Program.

Your 45/60 Experienced Pitcher (ages 9-12) Pitching Program Options

To get started, you decide the most effective way for you to receive your 45/60 Experienced Pitcher (ages 9-12) instruction.

Coach Skip’s Most Popular Facebook Video Upload Option.

During your one-month enrollment, you go through this process as many times as you want.

You – You email Coach Skip (propitchinginstitute@gmail.com) your pitching motion video, then, once you’ve sent your video, you use Coach Skip’s scheduling tool to arrange for a mutually convenient, 15-minute Google Meet pitching session.

Coach Skip – Within 24 hours, Coach Skip sends you an email recommending specific ways you can move (a body part) in a particular direction proven to get more pitches to go and do what you want more often than they do right now.

We – From the comfort of anywhere (your living room, bedroom, back yard … you get the idea) Coach Skip can see your body move from one side of the screen to the other and you have a hand towel within reach, you meet Coach Skip on Google Meet.
Once connected, with your hand towel in your throwing hand, you show Coach Skip your pitching motion.
Coach Skip uses what he sees to spot-check your interpretation of his recommendations. When required and in real-time, he’ll make adjustments to the way you think to move, or the direction you do move a specific body part.

You begin this process all over again.

Cost: $60/month

Enroll in Coach Skip’s Virtual/Video Upload Pitching Program

Coach Skip’s In-Person Option.

Coach Skip’s In-Person Option.

We meet on the astroturf pitching platform at 91 Fairmount Drive, Sicklerville, NJ 08081 (3 minutes from Exit 41 on the Atlantic City Expressway) where you discover how to magically use your natural throwing action to get your lower body to send more pitches into your strike zone.

Cost: $40/Session

Schedule Your In-Person Session with Coach Skip

Coach Skip’s Team Option.

Coach Skip’s Team Option features his in-person and Google Meet options. (Coach Skip’s Google Meet Group Sessions are the group version of his very popular, single-pitcher, long-distance format and is built to make your Team the best pitching squad in your area.)

Cost: $10/Pitcher/Upload or Session.

Talk to Coach Skip about Group Session

With Coach Skip, You’re Always Moving Forward.

No matter how you get your instruction, Coach Skip systematically increases the ratio of pitches that travel directly into your intended target with the consistent fastball arm speed and late-stage ball movement known to challenge the very best Hitter to face to make solid contact with any pitch you throw. Should you sense a slight setback, this process is built to expeditiously resolve the reason for your hiccup and quickly get you back on track and moving forward.

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