“Your Personal Pitch Location Success Plan©

For 2-months, we use your videos to take complete responsibility for your pitch location. Within a few adjustments, you can expect to use “Your Personal Pitch Location Success Plan©” to produce the well-manicured, extremely repeatable pitching motion that’ll give you the upper hand against any Hitter you face.


We use what we see in your pitching motion videos to help solve your late trunk rotation, low arm slot and poor lower half issues.

“Your Personal Pitch Location Success Plan©” personalizes your pitching motion. You walk away knowing, in your own words, how to use “Your Personal Pitch Location Success Plan©” as your steppingstone toward keeping your pitching dreams alive.


With “Your Personal Pitch Location Success Plan©“, for 2-months, we use your pitching motion videos to…

  • Teach you how to pitch with the precision and predictability you need to stop a parade of well-trained Hitters from driving your pitches.
  • Show you how to eliminate the things blocking you from delivering your pitches into the spots your Team wants.
  • Put you in a position where you have the skill set to take advantage of every pitching opportunity people throw your way.

As talented, as driven, and as disciplined as you may be as a player, the hard truth is that, unless you know where your pitches are going to end up, your pitching dreams will eventually evaporate.

If you’re truly driven to sharpen your pitching skills, give yourself a competitive edge and keep your pitching dreams in place, enrolling in “Your Personal Pitch Location Success Plan©” is a must.

“Your Personal Pitch Location Success Plan©” comes with a money-back guarantee

If, during your first month, you show us you use “Your Personal Pitch Location Success Plan©” skills and you feel we haven’t improved your pitch location, ask us for your money back.

Special Pandemic Pricing: $240 $120… $120 $60/month for 2 months

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