Remote “Stress-Free Fastball Command Plan”

Pitching shouldn’t be stressful, but, without fastball command, there’s lots of stress. Our Remote “Stress-Free Fastball Command Plan” makes the stress associated with fastball command disappear.

For 2 full months, our Remote “Stress-Free Fastball Command Plan” uses our ‘5-stress relievers©’ to teach you the fastball command you need to make pitching less stressful and a lot more fun.

A video that comes with this plan combines with your Pitching motion videos to teach you stress-free fastball command.

  • You watch a proprietary pitching video that’s the lifeblood of our ‘5-stress relievers©’. Rest assured; every future collaboration will give you ways to adjust these guidelines to fit your personal needs.
  • You add the skills from the video to your current motion and, when ready, use a special upload page (web address follows enrollment) to send us your pitching motion video.
    • When sending a video, you send one non-stop video clip, your body moves from one side of the frame to the other, and your one video contains at least 5 consecutive pitching motions.
    • In the comment portion of our upload page, you tell us in as much detail as possible anything you think will help you master your ‘5-stress relievers©’ sooner than later.
  • We add your video to your comments then recommend fixes that’ll instantly improve your fastball command.
  • You add our recommendations to your motion.
    • Should our recommendations not make sense to you, you’re urged to contact us for immediate clarification.
  • You practice your new recommendations and, when ready, you send a new video.
  • Next, we begin the process all over again.

Troubleshooting and maintenance …

  • When we fail to see expected improvements or our written instruction just doesn’t seem to produce the results we expect, Zoom pitching sessions are always an option.
  • When questions arise, unlimited phone, email, and video support are also options.

For 2-months, you continue sending videos, we continue personalizing your ‘5-stress relievers©’ and you marvel at how easy it becomes to deliver your fastballs directly into your target.

During your enrollment, when you show us you use your ‘5-stress relievers©’ and you feel you use more effort to produce the same results, ask for a refund.

Honestly, if you’re truly driven to find a stress-free way to achieve your Big-League dreams, our Remote “Stress-Free Fastball Command Plan” is for you.

Pricing: 2-month subscription for $240 $120.00,  $60 now and $60 in 30 days.

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