“Basic Stress-Free Fastball Command Plan”

A Pitcher’s “Basic Stress-Free Fastball Command Plan” gives you 30-day access to a proprietary pitching video that’s guaranteed to improve your ball-to-strike ratio and, as a result, make pitching much more fun.

Your “Basic Stress-Free Fastball Command Plan” is ideally suited for …

  • Younger Pitchers who want to get more Hitters out,
  • Parents who want to make sure their player’s interest in pitching is more than just a passing whim,
  • Pitchers who waste hours trying to figure out how to stop the best Hitters from reaching base and
  • Anyone wanting a taste of how our Remote “Stress-Free Fastball Command Plan” will keep their pitching dreams in play.

Your 30-day access to our very concise, yet simply presented, instructional video combines with our Members Only Support Center to give you everything you need to keep fewer Hitters from reaching base.

Still have questions, contact Skip for answers and, when the time is right, our Remote “Stress-Free Fastball Command Plan”, and In-Person “Stress-Free Fastball Command Plan” are always there to make pitching even more fun.

Our “Basic Stress-Free Fastball Command Plan” comes with a Guarantee.
When your pitching motion videos show you use your “Basic Stress-Free Fastball Command Plan” skills and your ball-to-strike ratio fails to improve, ask for a refund.

Pricing: 30-day subscription for $120 $40.00.

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