“Winning Pitch Location Strategies©” Video Subscriptions

For 30-days, this easy-to-follow video gives you access to the basic right-brain pitching skills you need to instantly deliver more pitches into the strike zone. Once armed with these skills, your games become much less stressful and you find yourself keeping your Team close enough to win more of the games you pitch.

Your “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©” Video Subscription comes with a guarantee. When you purchase this video-based Program, and your ball-to-strike ratio fails to improve, you ask for your money back.

Once you master these basic right-brain skills and still have the urge to do even better, you can use our “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©”  On-Line Pitching Academy or “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©” In-Person Instruction to permanently train your left-brain to forever deliver your pitches directly into your target.

Cost: Special Pandemic Pricing $40 $20

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