Throw-More-Strikes Video Instruction

For 30-days, this video gives Parents and Self-Taught Pitchers access to the easy-to-follow pitching skills their Sons/they need to instantly stop using their throwing arm for balance. Once armed with these skills, Parent and Self-Taught Pitchers can expect their Sons/themselves to deliver more pitches into the strike zone, their games to be less stressful and to see their Son/themselves keep their Teams close enough to win more games.

Your “Throw-More-Strikes Video” subscription comes with a guarantee. When you purchase this video-based Program, and your Son’s/your ball-to-strike ratio fails to improve, you have every right to ask for your money back.

Once your Son/you master the basic skills presented in this video and feel driven to do even better, your Son/you can use enroll in our Personal On-Line Pitching Academy or In-Person Pitching Instruction to discover in greater detail how to challenge EVERY Hitter EVERY time he delivers a pitch.

Cost: Special Pandemic Pricing $40 $20

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