“Your Basic Pitch Location Success Plan©

For $40, no matter your age or skill level, this basic, yet extremely functional, video becomes “Your Pitch Location Success Plan©” foundation.


“Your Basic Pitch Location Success Plan©” gives you 30-day access to a video that helps you permanently challenge more Hitters to make solid contact with your pitches.

By the end of your 30-day enrollment and with a little bit of discipline, this introductory course gives you the training needed to significantly reduce the number of Hitters who make solid contact with your pitches.

Of course, this is just the beginning. To achieve your pitching dreams, you must know how to use “Your Pitch Location Success Plan©” to stop any Hitters from robbing you of your success. Therefore, to discover how to challenge the very best hitters to make solid contact with your pitches, you want to continue your pitching journey with “Your Personal Pitch Location Success Plan© or “Your In-Person Pitch Location Success Plan©.

Every Age and Skill Level Benefits

30-Day Access to “Your Basic Pitch Location Success Plan©” is ideally suited for …

  • Little Leaguers,
  • Parents who want to make sure their kid’s interest in pitching is more than just a passing whim,
  • Pitchers hoping to dominate the Hitters they face and
  • Anyone wanting to experience the power of a “Pitch Location Success Plan©“.

“Your Basic Pitch Location Success Plan©” Comes with a Money-Back Guarantee

Use “Your Basic Pitch Location Success Plan©” enrollment to challenge us to improve your pitch location. When you enroll and you show you use the skills contained in the video, should you feel the video’s recommendations fail to improve your ball-to-strike ratio, we will refund your $40 enrollment.

Pricing: 30-day subscription for $120 $40.00.

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