Coach Skip’s On-Going Professional Development

Coach Skip’s On-Going Professional Development weaves gravity management into a Coach’s current pitching plan.

A Coach’s On-Going Professional Development makes them an expert on reading their Pitcher’s results, trains them to make their Pitcher’s results much more sustainable than they are right now and gets them to the point where their Pitchers can hold them (the Coach) accountable for their Pitcher’s results.

Get a FREE look at how Coach Skip’s On-Going Professional Development can elevate your pitching program – To get a sense for exactly what your on-going professional development can do for your pitching program, Coach Skip will need a short phone call to understand your program’s goals, how you teach legwork and how you want your pitchers to move down the mound. 

Coach Skip will use this information to send you an email with a short term strategy and a look into how your on-going development can supercharge your program.

Million$ Coach’s Certifications:

  • Video Chats: Coach Skip will use the video chat app of your choice to show you how to teach your Students to maximize their potential.
  • In-Person Sessions: Coach Skip makes special arrangements for any South Jersey residents interested in earning a Million$ Coach’s Certification.

Cost: Coach Skip’s On-Going Professional Development average as little as $95/month
(This cost makes $1150 your one-year breakeven point.)

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