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You position your camera to let Coach Skip see you move from one side of the frame to the other …

Fastball pitch location promotes high-level pitching success. Need better fastball pitch location? Contact Coach Skip.

  • Coach Skip sees your movement, instantly picks up on what’s hurting your results, and, in real-time, introduces new a Pitching Process to instantly challenge next-level hitters to reach base.
  • No matter your current age or skill level, the pitching process Coach Skip teaches is surprisingly simple to execute and at your disposal for the rest of your pitching career.

There’s no theory or “fluff”.

Unlike other video analysis services, Coach Skip presents a Pitching Process to improve your pitching.

The advice you receives is specific, measurable, actionable, and repeatable.

You use Coach Skip’s recommendations to produce a high-level command (and velocity) for the rest of your pitching career.

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