The Pro Pitching Institute’s In-Person Pitching Package 

This program gives Pitchers who travel to a Pitman, NJ location (15-minutes east of Philadelphia) one-on-one time with Skip where you rapidly develop the hand separation/stride sequence that’s required to succeed at the highest levels.

WE build high-level PITCHING RESULTS

With each session, you come back to the mound knowing how to confidently send your pitches into your target and, at the same time, challenge the best hitters to make solid contact with your pitches.


Your in-person motions give Skip the insight he needs to supercharge your pitching future. With each adjustment, he guarantees you see a larger portion of your pitches to travel directly into your target, give you a huge advantage over Pitchers competing for the same next-level openings as you and improve any and all statistical measurements anyone wants to hold you to.

Only We Offer Risk-free, Post Pandemic Pitching Success.

When your motion shows the recommendations Skip makes and you’re still not satisfied with your results, simply ask for a refund.

Cost: $50 per half hour, semi-private session

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