group pitching session

Coach Skip’s Group Instruction takes your Group’s pitching to a totally new level!

For one hour, your Group gets the best fastball command instruction from one of the best fastball command teachers in the country!

It’s a great way to expose your Pitchers to the skills that’ll help them throw more strikes, keep their Team close enough to win more games, and make pitching much less stressful for all involved.

Everyone Benefits.

To help Pitchers improve without taking away their uniqueness, during the session, Coach Skip …

  • Provides one-on-one individualized coaching in a group setting,
  • Pitchers feed off one another, and
  • Coaches understand how to reinforce the skills presented.

Each session is a toolkit of fundamentals Pitchers can use to continually work toward becoming the best Pitcher they can be and Pitchers/Coaches can reach in anytime the need arises.

Schedule Your Group Session Today.

  • The cost is an 80 minimum or, for Groups over 8 Pitchers, 10/Pitcher.
  • Coach Skip personally runs each session.
  • If your field requires an overnight stay, Coach Skip will ask you to arrange an Airbnb type arrangement for one night.

To Set Up Your Group Pitching Session, Call Coach Skip at 856-524-3248.

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