Coach Skip’s Collegiate Connection

Coach Skip’s Collegiate Connection connects Delaware Valley Pitchers who complete 5 in-person training sessions with Collegiate Baseball Programs looking for quality pitching.

For a $200 investment and over 5 pitching sessions  …

  • Just the way Coach Skip prepares his Minor League Clients to face Big League Hitters, you discover lower body engagement, uncanny pitch location, and know-how needed to keep Opponents guessing about ball movement and speed,
  • You develop the confidence Coach Skip knows will serve you well at the collegiate level and he sends his personal recommendation to 4-Collegiate Coaches who, within 2-weeks of your 5th pitching session, have indicated they’re looking for quality Pitchers, and
  • Once Coach Skip opens this door for you, you walk through.

Become Part of Coach Skip’s Collegiate Pipeline

Sign-up for Coach Skip’s Collegiate Connection, tell him how far you’re willing to travel to go to school, show him how well you’re doing in school, use his instruction to become collegiate level ready, and he’ll find a school for you.

Within the last week, Coach Skip had an opportunity to connect Pitchers with these Head Coaches from these Colleges  …

  • D1 School in Alabama
  • D2 School in Florida
  • D2 School in Ohio
  • NAIA School in North Carolina
  • NAIA School in Montana
  • D3 School in New Jersey
  • D3 School in Minnesota
  • D3 School in Massachusetts
  • D3 School in New York
  • D3 School in Pennsylvania

Coach Skip’s Collegiate Connection is Win-Win-Win

  • You win … You develop an understanding of how to produce better more often.
  • You win … You connect with a Collegiate Coach looking for the skills you have to offer.
  • You win … You go from “hoping” your showcase attendance attracts attention to connecting with a Coach “hoping” someone like you gets in touch with him.
To take the frustration out of the recruiting process, contact Coach Skip today.

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