“Winning Pitch Location Strategies©” On-Line Pitching Academies

With this right-brain-driven, on-line training program, from the comfort of your home, local diamond or your local training facility, at your convenience, you discover the same best-in-class, one-on-one pitching guidance our in-person Pitchers receive, and, more importantly, bring your right-brained skills to the mound every time you take the ball. 

For 5-consecutive weekdays, during the week of your choosing and without any expensive travel, Coach Skip Fast, “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©” Author and Pitching Coach, uses Google Meet to teach you how to use your right-side brain to produce the results you always knew you had in you.

Our “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©” On-Line Pitching Academy is a structured 5-day pitching program.

  • For 5-consecutive weekdays, your daily video submissions determine Skip’s personal evaluations, real-time video interactions, and his best-in-class recommendations.
  • Throughout the week, Coach Skip compiles your technical and tactical “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©” On-Line Pitching Academy recommendations into a master document that’s shared with you at the end of the week.
  • Once you complete your “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©” On-Line Pitching Academy, should you ever struggle with your command, you use the reminders from your master document to instantly produce the right-brain results you had at the end of your week with Skip.

How our often imitated, but never duplicated, “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©” On-line Academy works.

  • Preliminaries – Upon enrollment, you let us know the most convenient week/time for your sessions.
    • There isn’t any predetermined call length. Typically, video calls end when all your questions are answered, but you can expect your Monday session to last a little longer than any other day.
      • As you go through your week, Coach Skip recommends you write down questions you’d like him to answer.
  • Monday’s Session – We begin your week with your first, real-time Google Meet.
    • We’ll spend a few minutes talking about your goals and aspirations, what you think is holding you back and anything else you think is important to your development. 
    • During the call, Coach Skip will present some housekeeping items: what he would like to see in your videos, a seamless way to send information back-and-forth and how to use the tools that come with this program to accelerate your improvement.
    • During your Monday call, Coach Skip will want to see a real-time pitching motion. 
      • It really doesn’t matter whether, when you show Coach Skip your motion, you throw a ball into a net, to a partner, a sock into a sofa, as part of a towel drill. You get the idea! 
      • All that matters is that you place your camera in a position where Coach Skip can see your body move from one side of the frame to the other.
      • Just in case you’re on your own with the video, this link takes you to some Do It Yourself Phone Stands.
  • Daily Activities and Videos – During the day, you practice Skip’s recommendations and, when ready, video (or have someone video) your new pitching motion. 
    • When sending a video, with your body moving from one side of the frame to the other, you send one non-stop video showing at least 3 consecutive pitching motions.
    • You send your video to Coach Skip by dropping it (saving it) into your on-line program’s personal pitching folder. Coach Skip talks about how to do this during your Monday call.
    • To get the most out of your on-line week, send Coach Skip what you perceive to be your worst motions.
  • Daily Video Calls – Tuesday through Friday, you take part in a video call with Skip.
    • During your session, Coach Skip tells you what he saw in your latest video, makes some recommendations, and answers any questions you may have. 
    • Your daily session won’t include any live pitching motion. Instead, before the call ends, Coach Skip will want you to demonstrate his recommendations.  (Demonstrating his recommendations simply involves standing up and placing your entire body within your camera frame.)
    • Coach Skip answers any questions and, once you’re comfortable with his directions and explanations, the session ends, and you make your next video.

This process continues throughout the week. By the end of the week you’ll have undergone our “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©” training experience and, to reinforce the pitching motion that’s most effective for you, leave the program with documentation that touches on all aspects of your personal pitching plan.

Your “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©” On-Line Pitching Academy comes with this guarantee. Just like our In-Person Instruction, should our “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©” On-Line Pitching Academy fail to deliver the results you expect, ask for your money back.

(Doy la bienvenida a los lanzadores cuya lengua materna es el español. Todo lo que pido es tener una tercera persona en su sesión que nos interprete.)

Cost: Special Pandemic Pricing … $120

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