Coach Skip supplies the Tools You Need to Support Your Son

Coach Skip ends every Pitcher’s pitching session with a precise sequence of specific movements for the Pitcher to practice.

For any Parents who request it, Coach Skip will share a list of your son’s latest skills to any Parent.

Armed with this list, you replace the urge to tell what to do without telling him how to do accomplish what you want with comments like “remember to begin with your glove hand (in a specific position)” or “make sure you begin with your feet (in a specific position)”.

Much more constructive, much more measurable, and much more likely to methodically and permanently eliminate the chance your son misses his target on consecutive pitches.

Parents use this list to keep their son’s progress moving forward and, at the same time, support their pitching dreams.
Coach Skip gives you every reason to ask for his help.
Like the Rubik’s Cube algorithm is practically foolproof, so is the way Coach Skip uses your brain’s programming. to locate your pitches.

Therefore, in the unlikely event your son feels Coach Skip isn’t helping his pitch location, you simply let Coach Skip know and he’ll refund your tuition … No questions… No hassles… and no hard feelings.

Coach Skip offers these pitch location enhancement programs for your Son …

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“Pitch location isn’t something you’re born with, but it IS something I can easily turn into a routine.” ~ Coach Skip Fast