Pitch Location Remote Support

(This offering is for Pitchers who have completed any Pro Pitching Institute program and are no longer enrolled in any “Self-Correcting Pitching Strategies©”.)

Occasionally, a Pitcher will experience unpleasant pitch location trends and, try as he might, he can’t seem to resolve these unwanted outcomes on his own. For a $10 recurring monthly payment, a Pitcher’s 24/7 Remote Support Portal enrollment holds us accountable for using his pitching motion video to resolve any troubling pitch location trends as quickly as we can.

Just a reminder …

  • When you send a video, have your body move from one side of the frame to the other, send one non-stop video clip and make sure the video contains at least 5 pitching motions.
  • In the comment portion of the upload page, tell us in as much detail as possible what issues you’re having with your pitch location.

If your pitching career can’t afford any down time, this option is for you.

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