Fastball pitch location promotes high-level pitching success. Need better fastball pitch location? Contact Coach Skip.

advanced south jersey in-person PITCHING SESSIONS

Fix your motion with in-person instruction.

Discover Lower Body engagement where your lower body features …

  • An initial balanced Footwork that’s guaranteed* to bring your Lower Body into play,
  • A Front Leg Lift to maintain your balance, and
  • Let your Arm Action send the ball to your target with uncanny regularity.
Add these skills  …
  • You never adjust.
  • You can find your target on every pitch.
  • You always remember your “Pitching Process”.

Forget any one step or perform these skills out of order and the consistent chances you ”command a pitch” never happen.


  • When you miss your target, you have a “Pitching Process” to follow.
  • You go to the list, reinforce your missed skills, and find your target.
  • You realize that your next “Pitching Process” IS your most important pitch!

Over time, the “Pitching Process” becomes natural, extremely automatic, and involuntary.

The Pro Pitching Institute instantly guarantees* lower body engagement!!!

South Jersey, In-Person Pitching Instruction

8-Year-Old and Older Pitchers …
  • Half-Hour Sessions
    • Your Session covers Stretch, Wind-Up, Fastball, Changeup, and Slider.
    • You go as far as you want!
    • Your sessions cost $100 50 per session (or are FREE*)!
  • Other Reminders …
    • Instruction occurs on an Astro-Turf platform at 65 Fairmount Drive, Sicklerville, NJ, 08081.
    • Sneakers are preferred on the Astro-Turf.
    • Cash or Venmo is accepted.
    • Homework is recommended.
    • Text Reminders are sent to all Pitchers.
  • Interested?
    • Fill out this form.

… or contact Coach Skip.

Expect your ball to immediately go to your target with uncanny regularity!

Get Lower Body Engagement with …

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