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Advanced self-coached guide

Stay at home and fix your lower body!!!

The Pro Pitching Institute advanced Self-Coached Guide guarantees* to take you from a balanced position into your lower body engagement.

  • Your Feet are in a special balanced position,
  • Your Front Foot Lift maintains your balance, and
  • Your Arm Action promotes your Throwing Action.
Follow the skills that appear in the Advanced Self-Coaching Guide in this order and …
  • You never adjust.
  • You can find your target on every pitch.
  • You always remember your “Pitching Process”.

Your Lower Body involvement follows this simple, specific “process” to get the ball to your target.


  • When you miss your target, you have a “Pitching Process” to follow.
  • You go to the list, reinforce your missed skills, and find your target.
  • You realize that your next “Pitching Process” IS your most crucial pitch!

Over time, the “Pitching Process” becomes natural, extremely automatic, and involuntary.

The advanced self-coaching guide guarantees* your Lower Body involvement!!!

There’s no theory or “fluff”.

Coach Skip is a straight shooter.

The Pro Pitching Institute’s Advanced Self-Coaching Guide retails for just $180 100!

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