send the ball to your target with uncanny regularity!!!

  • Your ENTIRE Body reacts to your pitch!
  • No instruction anywhere gives you such simple, easy-to-follow terms.
20+ years of training with Professional, Collegiate, High School, and Intermediate Pitchers brings you to …
  • Lesson 1 – “A balanced Starting Position …”
  • Lesson 2 – “takes you into an equally balanced Front Leg lift.”
  • Lesson 3 – ‘Your Glove Arm movement and …”
  • Lesson 4 – “Throwing Hand position …”
  • Lesson 5 – “keeps your Glove Hand free to get the ball to your target with uncanny regularity!!!”

Searching for a simple, once-and-for-all way to improve your command?

The Self-Coaching Guide builds command and velocity.
Self-Coaching Guide

  • Coach Skip’s “Command Program” retails for just $180Introductory Offer $25!

2. In-Person Instruction teaches you the same Starting Position and Glove Hand movements during face-to-face instruction.
In-Person Instruction

  • During the winter, we meet at The Total Turf Experience, 614 Lambs Road, Pitman, NJ 08071.
  • Other times, we meet at the Pro Pitching Institute Training Facility at 91 Fairmount Drive, Sicklerville, NJ (the field is 3 minutes off Exit 41 on the Atlantic City Expressway).

3. Help with your Starting Position and Glove Hand movement.
Help with Your Mechanics!

Other Command (and Velocity) Improvement Opportunities

Self-Coaching Guide | Superior In-Person Instruction | Help With Your Mechanics!