Rec League Coach Development Program

Whether you work with Coach Skip on an in-person or on-line basis, if you’re a Rec Coach who doesn’t know how to get your Pitchers to throw more strikes and would like your Pitchers to give your Offense a better chance to win more games, then Coach Skip’s Rec League Coach’s Development Program is for you.

How Coach Skip’s “Rec League Coach Development Program” works:

Coach Skip’s Rec Coach Development Program is an on-the-job teaching experience that comes in an In-Person and On-Line format.

In-Person Instruction is for Rec Leagues whose home field is in the Delaware Valley

  1. With the In-Person format, Coach Skip comes to any field within the Delaware Valley.
  2. His on-the-field teaching format shows Rec Coaches how to get their Pitchers to throw more strikes.
  3. To get involved, schedule a call with Coach Skip to figure out how he’ll adapt your Rec League Coaching Sessions to your special needs in a way guaranteed to maximize your Pitchers’ pitching potential.

    Cost: $10/Pitcher/Session (Minimum – 5 Pitchers)

On-Line Instruction is for Rec Leagues whose home field is outside the Delaware Valley.

  1. The On-Line formats finds you first enrolling in the Rec Coach Development Program.
  2. Once you enroll, you schedule a call with Coach Skip to talk about how he’ll adapt your Rec League Coaching Sessions to your special needs.
  3. At the same time, you accept Coach Skip’s invitation to a digital sports locker that’ll store your Pitcher’s pitching videos.
    – When you take a video, please make sure to set up your digital device so Coach Skip can see your Pitcher move from one side of the frame to the other.
  4. You begin taking videos and uploading them into your digital sports locker.
  5. Once you have a bunch of videos, you schedule an orientation/ instructional session with Coach Skip where you discover the foundation for what you’re going to teach your Pitchers and the initial advice to give to your Pitchers.
  6. You apply the skills presented during your session, take more videos, upload them to your digital sports locker then, when ready, schedule your next session.
  7. This continues throughout your Rec League Baseball season.

    Cost: $120/baseball session. (Lots of Coaches ask their Pitcher’s Parents to chip in a few bucks to pay for their coaching development.)

Get started today and find out why Coach Skips Rec Coach Development Program is recognized as the most comprehensive Rec League pitching instruction anywhere.

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