The “Law of Self-Correction©” Drives Your Lower Half Involvement

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After 25+ years of working with Pitchers, an “ah-ha” moment produced one simple, all-inclusive statement that tells us how to teach ALL Pitchers to get their lower body to drive their results.

The “Law of Self-Correction©
A Pitcher’s lower body engagement is dictated by the way his body self-corrects his weight distribution.

Everyone “Self-Corrects” Every Second of the Day
When an Individual experiences a weight shift, their body is built to “self-correct”. Some “self-corrections” are extremely subtle, but, when a weight shift is more extreme, a Person’s arms seemingly take on a life of their own.

A Person loses control of their arms when they walk a balance beam, walk on slick ice, steer a bike over a mountain trail, step on a pebble with your bare foot, take a bad step, walk a tightrope, etc.

By applying the “Law of Self-Correction©” to tens of thousands of pitching motions over many years, we trust the “Law of Self-Correction©” to tell us how to get a Pitcher’s lower body to optimize his pitch location, and, in the process, put him in a position to ace any statistical benchmark anyone wants to throw his way.

Lower Body Engagement is Certain

The “Law of Self-Correction©” uses a Pitcher’s hand separation/stride sequence to predict and resolve his lower body engagement.

  • Lower Body Disconnects. A Pitcher staggering his stride and hand separation uses his throwing arm path to “self-correct” his stride and effectively disconnects his upper from his lower body. 
  • Lower Body Engagement. A Pitcher separating his hands at the same time he begins his stride uses his throwing action to “self-correct” his weight distribution and, by doing so, guarantees his lower body produces Big League-like results.

The “Law of Self-Correction©” supplies the insights needed to transition a staggered hand separation/stride, lower body disconnect into a simultaneous hand separations/stride, lower body driven motion.

We GUARANTEE Lower Body Involvement

 “Lower Half Pitching Program” Pitcher  uses his videos, pitch location and personal expectations to measure his lower body engagement. When a Pitcher feels his lower body isn’t driving his results and he shows he uses our recommendations, he can ask for his money back.

The Power of Our Programs

After registering an 8.22 ERA over 7.2 innings during his first-ever Big-League call up, a first-round draft pick asked us to help him with his pitch location. Once we helped him better engage his lower body, in his next call up, he started 22 Big-League games while posting a 5.08 ERA over 117 innings.

We put the “Law of Self-Correction” to work for you. Find out more.

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