Stop Moving Down the Mound!

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  • Inertia describes an object’s resistance to change in motion. 
  • Momentum describes an object’s movement.

Momentum Hurts Location

When your delivery is driven by your movement down the mound, your shoulder rotation produces yours ball release.

Unless your stride tempo is exactly the same from one pitch to the next, your release point will continually change, and you can’t know with any certainty where any one pitch will end up.

Inertia Produces Location

When, out of your front leg lift, you open your front shoulder, you spin down the mound, your foot plant stops your rotation and your ball release becomes an instinctive reaction.

Once you know how to duplicate your change in direction from one pitch to the next, you can expect your pitches to travel directly into your target.

Finding Location Solutions

With momentum, your location depends upon your stride tempo. Anyone can ask any Pitcher to make their stride tempo the same on every pitch, but we have yet to find a way to reproduce the same tempo from one pitch to the next.

With inertia, your location comes from ending your front leg lift with your weight evenly distributed around your core. Ending your front leg lift with your weight centered around your core is an extremely teachable skill. Therefore, instead of hoping your ball goes where you want, location becomes an expectation.

Want to know how to end your front leg lift with your weight centered around your core?  Let’s talk.

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