The Orchid Hypothesis

Pro Pitching InstitutePro Pitching Institute is one of the top 100 baseball blogs on the Internet.Even with flaws, any individual’s pitching is as hardy as a dandelion; able to take root just about anywhere and, when ignored, come back year after year.

Anyone can grow a dandelion, but only a Pitching Coach who nurtures their dandelion with neurological, physiological, and psychological science can build the delicate, mysterious orchid called predictable fastball command.

Coaching Today

The notion a Coach can grow an orchid contradicts how most Coaches teach pitching today.

Most Coaches, even Professional Coaches, haven’t taken, don’t take, the time to discover the science behind pitch location. If they did so, the orchid would take over the dandelion as the standard for fastball command.

The Next Generation of Coaches

That’s why Pitchers we work with get so excited and are so appreciative when we show them how easy it is to expect each pitch to travel into their target.

We believe, for the health and welfare of Pitchers everywhere, it’s time for Coaches to take the science behind pitch location more seriously.

By doing so, more Coaches will turn dandelions into the orchids you see at the top of every Big-League depth chart.

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We use 5 easily executed, simply presented skills to guarantee fastball command.

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