Knowing Your Unknowns Produces Instant Improvement


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How do you Measure what you know?

If you knew everything you needed to know about your delivery, over 50% of your pitches WOULD end up where you want with the velocity/ball movement you expect.

Anything less than 50% and there are some unknowns you don’t fully understand or have yet to discover.

If you’re like other Pitchers, you have yet to appreciate …

– How your body reacts to your forward movement,
– How your body keeps itself in balance,
– How your shoulders and hips work together, and
– How rotational inertia affects your pitch results.

Make these unknowns a part of every delivery and your Million$ pitching results become your expectation.

Right Movements in the Right Order

With an understanding of these unknowns, these unknowns merge to produce the Million$ pitching results needed to achieve your Big-League dreams.

Once a knowledgeable Coach sees your pitching motion, he intuitively knows how to adjust your movement sequence, make these unknowns a part of every delivery and, by doing so, take you a step closer to maximizing your pitching potential.

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